You have to start with the truth.


‘Anatomy of Conspiracy & thereafter’

You have to start with the Truth.

The TRUTH is the only way we can get anywhere…

Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can’t lead to a good conclusion.

(Julian Assange )
Wait for my launching blog till Saturday ‘Anatomy of Conspiracy & thereafter’


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6 Responses to You have to start with the truth.

  1. Sanjeev says:

    Mr Raja parulekar ,we are happy that you spoke the truth for your dignity .now you should come forward with all the details of four arvind ,bedi,bhushan and bhushan who are misleading the common man of India . We would like know about the political plans of arvind and bedi,we are not talking about bhushans because they can not think for contesting elections for the fact that they are very respected advocates of supreme court of India but when they were beaten on Kashmir remark not even a single person came for their rescue

  2. Rajendra says:

    Boss raju parlekar is courageous journalist who had done a lot build Anna s image.the same Anna who does not know how to behave with people loyal to the movement . This anti corruption movement is not personal property of any team Anna members. Raju ,we are with you ,and we can carry this movement for the people of India.

  3. Ajit Sarthi says:

    Raju ji, i can understand ur hurt, which came from the very source u respected the most.. was it ONLY because of Treachery or because of something else…
    but when u pour ur heart out, do u see that it does not get carried to Annaji, who is under a compulsion not to remain in touch with u..?
    if it is a FIGHT against The IMMORALS, then please stick to the facts and the implications… u r aware that the REACh of the individual is low compared to any CELEBRITY… and ur opponents are celebrities now…
    u need to expose the very foundation, on which their Strength is based… their Janlokpal Bill and the INADEQUACIES thereof….

  4. Ajit Sarthi says:

    u should have also used ur cell phone to record the video of the meeting dated 30/10/11…

  5. Thanx Raju. That was super piece of writing. I reproduce your article in 3 parts in my own blog.

    You may find this post interesting:

    IAC’s latest audited accounts has SCAM written all over it

  6. GS Krishna says:

    The gang of four , I call them the gang of dirty four, should be taught a lesson on the roads openly in the public, as they are trying to blackmail the country for their own political and financial gains. At least your kind of young should open your voice with proper evidence and truth to make them naked on the roads. I feel India needs your kind of people who can talk only truth, only truth only truth, Even I don’t believe this old monk Anna is clean, I feel he is promised with a rubber stamp position in next the chance , the position of President of India, hence he is just mad after them in blackmailing the Government. The way he changed his versions with you is the best of example of his double tongue tactics. The kind of treatment given to Prasant Bhushan should be given to Anna once, so that he would stop his black mailing techniques for ever.

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