Appeal from a ‘traitor’ !! Annaji’s conviction and action…


A couple of weeks ago when I went live on national media and announced Annaji’s plans of re-structuring the Core Committee I faced protests from ‘Team Anna’ and was asked not to speak to television about such things. Suresh bhau Pathare gave a statement to the media that ‘these are personal opinions of Raju Parulekar’ on behalf of Annaji. Later on Annaji under influence of people around him went ahead and gave me a verbal bashing “Raju toh havaa mein baat karta hain. Main toh use mila bhi nahi” in front of the nation in Delhi.

But today what I had said then holds merit as Annaji himself announced to the world his plans of re-structuring the Core Committee.

Yesterday according to newspaper report which says that ‘Annaji fought with Kejriwal & Bhushan in favor of re-structuring of Pan-Indian organization in a close-door meeting held at RaleganSiddhi.

How an opportunist takes advantage of a situation can be seen from these Newspaper (Lokmat, Maharashtra Times etc) reports Kejariwal & Bhushan asked Annaji to appeal for personal security for themselves (Kejriwal and bhushan) but Annaji said “Non-violent Satyagrahis should not expect such privileges. Ultimately these two want Annaji to come to Delhi & stay there (to control and pressurize him off-course) to which Annaji refused.

Now read the below mentioned & attached letters and facts and tell me “Where did i go wrong?” for which a large section of the society and media cast aspersions on my honesty and integrity.

Now I will be writing on my blog, my next article titled “Opium of Ramlila and thereafter” in which I will produce Annaji’s handwritten and signed letter which he wanted me to upload on his blog which was describes that he wants impersonal connect with the nation. Indirectly this proves that Annaji is fed up of the 4-5 people for their personal interference and hidden personal agenda.

From all over the country I am receiving solid & concrete proofs of how these 20 and so people have manipulated Annaji’s name and brand for their material interest. I will reveal all these proofs in Delhi press conference along-with concerned people. Not only that we all pan-Indian fellow-travelers will give a positive alternative for these bunch of 20 and so people. In my third article which will appear on my blog, before my Press-Conference in Delhi titled “Dark side of Tranquility” I will describe and illustrate the bright and ugly side of each existing team Anna member with their logical intention and hidden agenda.(my apologies to Sureshbhau Pathare)

I am fighting alone till this date for the betterment of the country so I appeal to all my countrymen to bless me in creating a positive future for our country and generations to come.

I fail to understand after all this ‘why was I punished and banished by Annaji and for what crime and mistake of mine’? Please can anybody give me logical and satisfactory answer so that I can overcome my insomnia!

P.S: For my fight for truth I am receiving threats and expletives from people who are puppets of some negative force acting against me. Though they are small in size their voice is loud and violent par excellence.

Please find below respected Annaji’s letter in his own handwriting with his own signature along with the date for the blog for “Restructuring the Core Committee”  written by him on 23-10-2011 at RaleganSiddhi. (scanned Copy as it is)

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

‘English Translation’ of Annaji’s above handwritten letter  for the blog regarding “Restructuring of the Core Committee” written by Annaji on 23-10-2011…

Very soon, I am thinking on the lines of restructuring the Core Committee. I am hereby informing all the members of Team Anna. The reason being I have received letters from all over the country and states in favor of this agitation saying, ‘I am ready to pledge my life for this noble cause.’ The letters are written by retired Supreme Court Judges, retired High Court Judges, Brigadiers and Colonels from Army, Professors and Principals and educated people with idealism. Soon, these people will be categorized taking in to consideration the type of work they are willing to do. I have decided to put to use such people from all over the country and states who are willing to do voluntary service to the society.

The applicants have no expectations whatsoever and have applied with the aim of serving the nation and the society at large. Now we need to ensure these people and expand the members of Team Anna. Also we need to have able people and form a working committee. All members from every state will be given preference when forming a Core Committee. For effective communication they will be linked on-line.

The expenses of food and shelter for say 100 volunteers will be fulfilled by donations from people having clean character. It will enable us to build an effective agitation throughout the country. We have a long battle to fight ahead. In order to have a corruption-free India we can put all this to use.The people who have been alienated from this agitation…. I believe that not only India but for other countries too this will serve as a good example to rid their country off corruption. We do not want to form organizations but create volunteers on District and State level.

When there is an agitation happening at national level you will see people rising for the occasion from every state. In this struggle there won’t be a President, a Secretary or a treasurer. People will only work in the capacity of volunteers. Naturally we will need financial aid. No cash will be accepted. Donations in form of cheque or draft are welcome. But it should come from people having belief in lakhs of martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.
K.B Hazare

‘Marathi Transliteration of Annaji’s above handwritten letter  for the blog regarding “Restructuring of the Core Committee” written by Annaji on 23-10-2011 at RaleganSiddhi…

मी लवकरच कोर कमिटीची पुनर्रचना करण्याचे ठरवीत आहे. त्या साठी टीम अण्णांच्या सर्व सभासदांना ही कळवीत आहे. कारण देश भरातून सर्व राज्यातून या आंदोलना साठी ‘मी जीवन समर्पित करायला तयार आहे’ अशा प्रकारची पत्र आलेली असून त्या मध्ये निवृत्त सुप्रीम कोर्ट जज्ज, निवृत्त उच्च न्यायलय जज्ज, सैन्यातील ब्रिगेडीयर, कर्नल, प्राचार्य-प्राध्यापक आणि सुशिक्षित ध्येयवादी लोक पुढे आले आहेत. ह्या सर्वांची लवकरच दोन ग्रुप मध्ये बैठक घेऊन ते काय काय करणार याचा अंदाज घेऊन देश भरातून विविध राज्यान मध्ये स्वयंसेवक होऊन कार्य करायला तयार आहेत अशा लोकांचा उपयोग करून घेण्याचे ठरविले आहे. आलेल्या अर्जदारांची कोणतीही अपेक्षा नाही फक्त देश सेवा आणि जन सेवेच्या भावनेतून च त्यांनी अर्ज लिहिलेले आहेत. अशा सर्व लोकांची खात्री करून आता टीम अण्णाचे सदस्य वाढवावे लागतील. त्याचं प्रमाणे वर्किंग कमिटी मध्ये काही चांगल्या लोकांना घेऊन कमिटी करावी लागणार आहे. कोर कमिटी मध्ये सर्व राज्यांच्या सभासदांना प्राधान्य दिले जाऊन बांधणी करणार आहे. या सर्वांचा समन्वय राहवा या साठी ऑन-लाईन ने जोडले जाणार आहे.

सर्व साधारण १०० स्वयंसेवक हाताशी आले तर त्यांना जेवण व राहण्यासाठी जो खर्च येणार आहे त्यासाठी प्रामाणिक स्वच्छ चारित्र्याचे देणगीदार पाहून त्यांचा खर्च भागविणार आहे. त्यामुळे ह्या आंदोलनाची देशभर चांगली बांधणी करता येऊ शकेल. पुढे खूप दूरची लढाई लढावी लागणार आहे. भ्रष्टाचार मुक्त भारत निर्मिती साठी या सर्वांचा चांगला उपयोग होऊ शकेल. ज्या लोकांना ह्या चळवळी मधून बाजूला केले आहे… मला विश्वास वाटतो कि देशात नव्हे तर जगातील अनेक देशांना भ्रष्टाचार मुक्ती साठी चांगलं उदाहरण निर्माण होईल. आम्ही जिल्हे, राज्य स्थरावर संघटन उभं करायचं नाही तर स्वयंसेवक निर्माण करायचे आहेत.

ज्या ज्या वेळी देश पातळी वरील आंदोलन होईल त्या त्या वेळी प्रत्येक राज्यातून जनता उभी होईल. या चळवळी मध्ये कोणी अध्यक्ष, सचिव, खजिनदार अशी पदे राहणार नाहीत. फक्त स्वयंसेवक म्हणून काम करणारे कार्यकर्तेच असणार आहे. अर्थात या साठी आर्थिक मदतीची गरज पडणार आहे. Cash ने मदत घेतली जाणार नाही फक्त चेक किंवा ड्राफ्ट नेच मदत घेतली जाईल जेणे करून स्वयंसेवकांचा खर्च भागू शकेल. या आंदोलना मध्ये पक्ष पार्टी सोडून देश हिता साठी स्वयंसेवक म्हणून कुणी आले तर त्यांचे ही आम्ही स्वागत करू. मात्र ते स्वच्छ आचारांचे, स्वच्छ  विचारांचे ‘भगत सिंग, राजगुरू आणि सुखदेव सारख्या लाखो शहिदांची आठवण ठेवणारे असावेत.
कि. बा हजारे



Thanks & Regards.
-Raju Parulekar


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3 Responses to Appeal from a ‘traitor’ !! Annaji’s conviction and action…

  1. Akhilesh says:

    u have to understand that team Anna has itself become a brand after encashing the brand Anna, in their favour…
    u would have also to understand that not everything is same as meets the eye, there are many angles to a human being, which does not get known immediately to people…
    team Anna is doing a gr8 service to the nation, by building pressure on the Government for creation of the institution of lokpal… u will have to tell the nation how u find them to be wrong… in doing this…
    unless u do that, there will be few supporters for you…

  2. Akhilesh says:

    so where is the news of ur press conference..?

  3. Akhilesh says:

    i had told u on 18/11 itself that unless u impeach the credibility of team Anna’s Janlokpal Bill, u will not get much support.
    u have seen it that ur news conference has been blacked out….
    do u now realize that u r making a mistake..

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