Story of the Petition against Ms. Kiran Bedi & others

In my press conference in Delhi I have mentioned many issues and talked about my future programs. Many media-persons from my fraternity were present there. Many of them showed keen interest in the Key issues tabled there.

One of the issue was about petition filed by Advocate Devendra Chavhan V/S Kiran Bedi and others. I have mentioned court’s name and what the petition is all about. I have also mentioned  three more important issues about which I will write later on.

Today the Delhi Court has ordered registration of FIR against Ms. Kiran Bedi based upon the petition mentioned above filed by Advocate Devendra Chauhan.
1 – Today Delhi Court Orders registration of FIR against Ms Kiran Bedi.
2 – Allegations of forgery / cheating / misappropriation against Ms. Kiran Bedi.
3 – Ms. Kiran Bedi inflated expenses abnormally & used it for her own personal use.
4 – Ms. Kiran Bedi makes false representations about offering free computer training & wrongfully induces corporate agencies to part with their money & then misappropriated it for her own use.
& etc.

Last month I had produced Annaji’s handwritten letter which was self-contradictory to his earlier day’s statement casting aspersions on  my honesty in Delhi Press Conference. Since then everyday I am facing life threats, abusive language. I have been called as a congress agent, sold-out person etc.

Actually I am fighting on my own against this ‘Gang of Four’ and bunch of 20 and more goons in whose hands whole Indian Revolutionary (Anna) movement is freezed.

When the Delhi court’s order ruled against Ms. Kiran Bedi many reactions on the social networking sites I have seen & I was surprised that my fellow country-men are still victim of the propaganda by this ‘Gang of Four’ and living in the ignorance caused by them.

So I produce here before you the copy of the original filed petition by Advocate Devendra Chauhan and one of the evidence, which he produced in front of the court. The whole case is self-explanatory and now the Court’s order is to file the FIR and initiate a probe into the matter.

Read it carefully without any ignorance that some ‘hand’ is operating behind this story.
Raju Parulekar

The Petition
Advocate Devendra Chavhan V/S Kiran Bedi and others.
page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Copy of the Agreement mentioned above
(Pls. see the amazing encircled part in the page 2 attached below)
Page 1
Page 2


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