Apolitical Non-violent Revolution begins….

The last few months saw the leadership of Anna Hazare and the so-called ‘Team Anna’ which is also referred to as ‘Gang Kejriwal’ cross all limits and announce themselves as up and above the court of law and Parliament. No one in the country favors corruption. A strong Lokpal Bill is in asking. But what we want here is democracy and transparency.

Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sisodiya have all been involved in scams prima facie. They have used Annaji’s name to collect crores of rupees and are still collecting them. Prashant Bhushan gets away from legal repurcussions after making blazing traitorous comments. Actually his case is a case of sedition. In spite of accusations and FIR filed against Kiran Bedi she is not yet arrested.  But we see the government supporting the self-declared ‘Team Anna’.

The Government here is seen granting these five known and 15 or so unknown goons an official status as if they are elected by the people or by any Constitutional authority. But in true sense they have no constitutional or people’s support. The government has joined hands with this Gang in deciding the future of the 120 crore people of this country of which more than 50% are youths. They are using this gang to numb the cries of pain and anguish of us all.

No doubt an inquiry is not initiated against Kejriwal-Sisodiya for fraudulent financial transactions. Kiran Bedi is not arrested in spite of FIR lodged against her under IPC 420 etc. Bhushan father-son duo escape unscathed as the government prefers to ignore their traitorous remarks and their involvement in CD scam. Anger and anguish against Government and 20 plus ‘Gang of goons’ has been voiced by the youth from all over the country. They are approaching me and sharing their concerns. They want a direct confrontation with the government and ‘Gang Anna’. So, I and mylike-minded countrymen mainly youths, after having prolonged discussions with thinkers and the youths have decided to spearhead a countrywide agitation. It will be democratic and the entire nation will get equal opportunity and say in this matter.

We demand the arrest of ‘Gang Kejriwal’ with immediate effect and the government should initiate an inquiry in to the charges leveled against them or face the ire of the people. Our other demands not only include the Janlokpal bill but we need to fight against corruption, black money, tax system reformation, economic policies, reforming old laws, decisive steps to be taken for law and order and other such demands. The government has to be answerable to people in democratic way regarding education, health and black money. The government will not be able to hide behind the façade of ‘Gang Kejriwal’. Beginning from 9th, 10th, 11th 12th December 2011 my fellow youth colleagues will stage dharna (before Annaji himself). Later on 23rd December 2011 this agitation will be fought against Team Anna and the Government. The people will take this revolt to the streets of Delhi and other cities of India. Personally at times I will be there or at times won’t be there.  I salute the youths of India!  Rise and Fight!!

People and organizations interested in joining our agitation and want to be a part of this intense agitation and decision- making process should communicate with us on rajuparulekar@hotmail.com.

Next we will meet at Jantarmantar on 11th December 2011.

Inquilab Zindabad! Jai Hind!

Raju Parulekar


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One Response to Apolitical Non-violent Revolution begins….

  1. Akhilesh says:

    pointless agitation… syphoning of a few crores by Gang Anna is nothing compared to the moral high claimed by them through their janlokpal bill… no body will listen to u unless u r able to impeach the credibility of their Janlokpal Bill….

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