Caution – Don’t spread rumors about my thoughts N philosophy….

First :
I want to clarify that I am not against at all people’s movement.
Off-course I am for it.

But NAZI’s were also people’s movement!

so leadership should be democratic & transparent too.

Second :
I was never ever for this autocratic Janlokpal Bill.

Even tried to convince ANNA many a times , if anybody has any doubt read my articles in my column ‘D-Tox’ , Lokprabha of those days!

Raju Parulekar
098201 24419


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5 Responses to Caution – Don’t spread rumors about my thoughts N philosophy….

  1. Akhilesh says:

    u appear frustrated… why can’t u simply impeach the credibility of his Janlokpal Bill on merits…? unless u r able to do so, nobody is going to listen to u …

  2. Jana Hitwadi says:

    You are right. Lokpal is not a solution to curb corruption totally. It needs more ways and more efforts. I have suggested some. You can look these at Brotherhood: Changes needed in Democratic System in India: Some one is needed to understand this and work. Please sign my petition too.

  3. R.K.Deshmukh says:

    You are right, Sir.Go ahead.

  4. Aniket says:

    Raju, I read a article about you in some news paper today, after reading your article I find you as many of the other people who in the first place where misled into joining ‘anna’ movement and are now disillusioned … I am from start against any these types of movements… these are against basic civic responsibilities , just to illustrate when you ppl are fighting to stop corruption… have you any idea what kind of loss of fuel, time and man hours you contribute to … why don’t ppl do their jobs !!!! anyway coming back to anna …the media and anna followers say that ralegan siddhi is a ideal village … u’ve been to ralegan siddhi is it really ideal ???? if it was so it would at least have been a town. (I say so because i come from a village nearby) So the point is the people who don’t know anna think because of the image created by the media that he is some kind of a demi god… but he is not. He is a very immature person which you can tell by the way he made statements about many politicians , most recently Mr. Pawar, the way he behaved with you. Having said this I will say I am against corruption but THIS IS NOT THE WAY to control it. And lastly I will like to congratulate u on your freedom from anna’s jadu!!!! cheers

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