When Shri Lalu Quoted…..

This is the letter which Shri. Lalu Prasad Yadav mentioned in the Parliament day before yesterday (27th December 2011) by quoting Annaji’s and and my name.
Laluji quoted objectionable part of this Annaji’s letter. I have mentioned this matter in bold & in red here, pls note.

This letter is written by Mr. Anna Hazare in different context, different relationship and altogether in different era for him and me.

Relevance of the letter and particular part which is now a part of Parliamentary affair records is part of History or future. Who knows?

Love and Regards

Raju Parulekar (raju.parulekar@gmail.com)

P.S – Also the original letter signed by Anna Hazare himself is attached herein this post.
Annaji’s letter written by him to me dated 12/10/2010 which was quoted by Laluji in Parliament.

Raju Parulekar
Senior journalist


I am in receipt of your letter dated 12.10.2010 regarding your participation in Satyagraha. Its many years now since I am fighting for the betterment of the people, state and country by endangering my life. The freedom we got in 1947 did not come easy. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Babu Genu and millions of others became martyrs for us to breathe free. Some politicians are intoxicated by the power and wealth they enjoy that they fail to notice the direction in which the state is going. The intoxication is similar to that of a drunkard. In an agratarian society of Maharashtra millions of farmers committed suicide and are still ending their lives. In a state where farmers and adivasis lands are grabbed by government, why? The rich do not have to worry about hiding their money. The land is utilized by these rich people for selfish reasons. This government does not work for the welfare of the poor but for the interests of the rich.

Regarding Lavasa, Narayan Rane once said ‘it is not necessary to discuss the issue with Anna Hazare’. Who has asked Narayan Rane to discuss the issue with Anna Hazare? This remains a vital question. I refrain from holding any talks with a person who has no value in my life. In past Rane’s men had approached me under the pretext of discussing various issues. I avoided further communication and this is the reason why I did not feel the need to speak to Narayan Rane when he was the Chief-Minister of Maharashtra and hence the talks did not materialize. Narayan Rane had invited me for some function but I thought it wise not to go. I have vowed to spend the rest of my life for the welfare of society, state and nation at large and will die fighting for the interest of the people.

Narayan Rane is not speaking the language of democracy but the language spells dictatorship worse than the British who ruled us. He seems to have forgotten that India attained Republic on 26th January 1950. The people of the nation are the rulers now. The resources and the money lying in the government treasury belong to the people. These very people have accepted representative democracy and have elected the representatives as trustees, as servants while keeping faith in them. Narayan Rane is a servant not a ruler.

From representatives to Ministers, they are the servants of the nation while the people are the rulers. Hence at the onset of election the candidate is seen begging before the voter, ‘please give me a chance to serve you.’ It is with great faith that the voter casts his vote.

But I fail to understand the mystery surrounding this chair? The people who sit in it as servants very soon become the rulers and loot the state, loot the country. It is time that the voters rise from their slumber. They (elected representative) pose far more danger to our democracy than the Pakistani terrorists.

At the age of 26 I had taken an oath, ‘Dil diyaa hain! Jaan bhi denge! Aye vatan tere liye.’ I have no qualms in laying down my life in my fight against these goons. I appeal to the people for the sake of your state, your nation please come forward and participate in large numbers in ‘Jail bharo andolan’. If no one comes forward I have decided to walk the path I have chosen in the interest of the society, the state and the nation. You have opted to be my first ‘satyagrahi’ in this movement and it gives me immense strength to take forward this ‘Satyagraha’. When Mahatma Gandhiji had appealed for ‘Satyagraha’ Vinoba Bhave too had volunteered to support him. I am not comparing myself with Mahatma Gandhi as I very well know that I am not worthy enough to even sit by his feet but in spite of this you chose to support me and I am grateful to you.

I hope thousands of people from Maharashtra who share your views, your opinion join me in this struggle. If this doesn’t happen then very soon our state, our nation will be mortgaged because of the Himalayan debt raised by our elected representatives in the span of last 62 years.

Thanks for your support.

K.B aka Anna Hazare
Date: 12:10:2010
Ralegan Siddhi


The above-said letter of Shri Anna Hazare ji in original
Page 1

Page 2


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  1. You are neither in my contact list nor on my website. Who are you anyway?

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