Me @ RaleganSiddhi in YadavBaba Mandir on 17th Jan 2012

I called upon a meeting of seniors & youth influential people from RaleganSiddhi who completely agree with me & are disillusioned by the Gang Kejariwal’s autocracy & corrupt nature.

I am going to visit  Ralegan again for a mega-meeting.
Venue will be the same.

YadavBaba first time on Net.
My Pranam…

Me with RaleganSiddhi people during the meeting in Yadavbaba Mandir.
(Pls click on the photos to view the slideshow)


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One Response to Me @ RaleganSiddhi in YadavBaba Mandir on 17th Jan 2012

  1. Shankar Travadan says:

    Dear Rajubhai,

    You are doing a great service to the country by taking the bull by horn. Very few people would try to speak against this ‘Kejriwal gang’, because they have become a sort of ‘Holy cow’. :I am sure there are many in Media who will label you as ‘Congress Agent’, and corrupt, because that is the unwritten law today, and that is why I think you have taken a risk, and rightly so, come what may. No doubt you will have to pay some price, tomorrow your name will be proudly taken in history as ‘here was a man who dared to rip open the Nakab of these clever white color thieves who are trying to take the nation for a ride.

    So keep up the good work, God is with you.

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