Feconomics & Annalogy……..

We the corrupt people of India pledge to indulge in corruption and at the same time fight corruption.
We the people are serious about both !

Believe or no there is nothing personal about my statements & thoughts.
Changing facts, knowingness of truth, philosophy are shaping my ideology.

If follow Baba, Anna’s “feconomics” we’ll be in situation worst than Somalia!
Save d country from ruling class,
all rational revolutionist UNITE !

Hazare’s ‘Bhrastachar Virodhi manch’ is body of extortionist.
Many are convicted.
Not as patriots but as extortionists.

I am absolute true!
If you want me to prove anything I can do that ver easily.
But first I want to explore strength of truth & your cerebral power !

Anna Hazare has sheltered Sand Mafia’s of Maharastra.
Whole media knows this fact.
Anything else?

Ramdev has close political, caste relations, equation with Mulayamsing, Akhilesh Yadav since last assembly elections.
So he wants to hide names.

Media is absolutely uninterested in work audit of Ralegan, Anna’s village.
TRP must prevail,
Truth should die !!

There is no water in Anna’s village Ralegan.
Youths are unemployed.
Anna’s NGO is taking grants from Govt in millions & Anna is lying in Delhi.

Anna Hazare is lying with confidence about development of Ralegan in his speech!
Still Ralegan population is deprived for basic needs of life.

Baba spoke feconomics with confidence.
Late Rajiv Dixit was Baba’s guru in feconomics !

‘Today’ Baba and Anna will compete with amir khan in TRP race .

Tragical farce begins.
Feconomist will speak on feconomics at jantar mantar soon!
One of the biggest reality show for Indian media!



About Raju Parulekar

I am original, everything else is copied...
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