Why am I against Anna, Team Anna and “India against Corruption” ?

Why am I against Anna, Team Anna and India against Corruption?

 And why am I writing a book titled ‘Opium of Ramleela’ ?

Many people from all over the country, media and social media think that I am against Anna-Baba movement because I am wounded personally by Anna’s remarks directed towards me in public. Team Anna purposely and as a planned move portrayed me as an emotionally wounded man out to seek revenge. In doing so they tried to isolate me amongst my own counter-parts in electronic media and social media. In fact they had too much to hide and I was their ‘man who knew too much’. So, I want to clarify and analyze the facts. In the light of events that unfolded during my six months exploration of the entire anti-corruption movement and corruption per say I realized that this is a well-planned and well-executed movement by hidden players having hidden agendas. When I made Anna’s letter public and proved that I was not lying and my personal angst was over then the journey began sans Anna. The goal of that journey was to write an objective analysis of Anna, Baba and their respective movements (I will include Subramanium Swamy at a later stage). Unfortunately in my context people those who knew me from beginning of my career and those who knew me because I was Anna’s blogger; both belonged to larger section having faith that whatever I was doing against anti-corruption movement was only because I wanted to settle personal score with Anna and his team for hurting me in public.

 In fact when I explored Anna’s past life, present life, past statements, present statements, philosophy and ethos I realized that Anna is playing a picture perfect role in tailor-made script, willingly and enthusiastically and he is neither naive. Then I thoroughly researched the person/organization behind this tailor-made script, who are the beneficiaries and why Anna is willingly playing his part. Then I explored his teams, Baba Ramdev’s, his organizations, Congress, BJP and the entire ruling class and ultimately Subramanium Swamy’s role. The book is in its final stage. Conclusions are shocking and shattering. Everybody’s background in anti-corruption movement is re-written in the movement according to requirement of the role. Anna himself changed his biography twice. What was the need to do so?

As Anna is a protagonist his life, his background is re-written and after exploring further I found it mostly full of lies and frauds.

 Very few people among literates have read Janlokpal Bill. How black money is circulated in major transactions? How Hawala money is siphoned? How democratic political fabric works? Especially in India? If this is the situation of literate people then illiterates are victims in this country in either ways are what I believe. Corruption is rampant and sometimes they know anti-corruption movement like Anna’s, Baba’s and Swamy’s are not solutions but at least they work like ‘OPIUM’. Unfortunately, tranquility is not the only effect of opium but there are many disastrous negative effects and side effects of opium which I have tried my level best to explore in this book titled ‘Opium of Ramleela’.

 In contemporary times the Indian media, especially electronic media is working with arrogance, conclusions without experiments and vested interest of some feudal Indian Industrialist lobby. Nowadays many people from electronic media ask me to give an interview and participate in panel discussion on anti-corruption movement but I have stopped giving interviews on this subject long back. Many are my close friends who are fellow journalists but I have to say ‘no’ now because media is also playing its role in a tailor-made script. I am a writer and a journalist but we are all helpless creatures like my fellow men. Unless and until we change our thought process from roots we won’t be able to create a real people’s movement which works for the people, of the people and by the people of India. Personally, I strongly believe in a value of liberal democracy but unfortunately we have choice between dictator and monarchy in national elections of 2014.

This time of ours is a transitional phase in India’s life. Surely, whole anti-corruption big-bang plays very vital role in this transition though it is absolutely negative and black. We must carefully explore all undercurrents of this movement and its counter- part. So I have tried to do the same in my book.

Why Anna Hazare is in a role of protagonist in this movement?

I have tried to find this question objectively in one chapter of my book. This chapter is matter of fact types. I am not going to release the entire book on my blog just glimpses because people are attacking and counter-attacking again and again on Anna Hazare matter. I wish to shed some light for these people.

Tomorrow or day after I am releasing few pages of Anna on my blog as the pages describe and illustrate the so-called hero or anti-hero we all know as ‘Anna Hazare’.

This is not an end but a beginning of a book…

Raju Parulekar


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