Anna’s twisted lies – Part 4 (9th August 2012)

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These pages are self-explanatory about support given to Anna by Congress NCP and Government and how the organizations run by him and his ‘WORK’ was funded by government time and again.



Mr. Anna Hazare has recently said that BhrashtacharVirodhi Jan-andolanNyas will be going to recruit volunteers from across the country in order to expand his anti-corruption movement. He also expressed that he would undertake developmental work simultaneously in 100 villages across the country and change these villages into “Ideal-Model-Villages”. So, he appealed the youth of India to come forward and join the movement.

In 1992, he had similarly appealed the youth of Maharashtra to join the AdarshaGaonYojana (AGY) and to develop their villages into “Ideal-Model Villages”. Showing faith in Hazare’s words, more than 30 youth joined Hazare as ‘karyakartas’ and stayed in Ralegan Siddhi for more than 1½ years. They were mostly SSC (10th) and HSC (12th) from the rural areas and were very devoted and dedicated volunteers. Mr.Hazare cleverly used these ‘karyakartas’ as labours for constructing buildings of the training centre, where they underwent training of 45-days duration after 1½ years of tireless toiling. Theirs was the first batch of “village-level-workers” for the AGY. Two more batches of about 40 to 50 volunteers each underwent training at Ralegan Siddhi. Till this time, the training programmes were entrusted to YadavbabaShikshanPrasarakMandal, headed by Mr.Hazare, by the Govt. of Maharashtra under AGY.

In the mean time, in February 1995, some of Hazare’s close aides from Pune advised him to float another NGO solely for the purpose of AGY and to recruit graduates and post-graduates (in Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Social Work, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Husbandery, etc.) instead of matriculates and to extend the duration of training programme from 45 days to 6 months. Mr.Hazare applied for registration of another trust, named Hind Swaraj Trust, to the Asst. Charity Commissioner, Pune, in the month of February 1995. Subsequently, he submitted in March 1995 a proposal on “National Level Training Centre at Ralegan Siddhi” to the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi, which got approval on 31st March 1995.  It is interesting to note that the grants were released by the MoRD even before the Trust got registered with the Asst. Charity Commissioner’s office at Pune.

Then, once again, Mr.Hazare appealed the youth of Maharashtra, particularly graduates and post-graduates, to join the AGY. There was an overwhelming response from the youth, as they thought of Hazare as a selfless and dedicated social worker who transformed his native village into an ideal village (AdarshaGaon). Some of them had even quit their present jobs to join the village development movement. They all joined the programme of “AdarshaGaonYojana” of Anna Hazare with great enthusiasm and fervor.

The programme was financially supported by the Govt. of Maharashtra and was implemented by Hazare’s organization, Hind Swaraj Trust. A meager honorarium of Rs. 3,000 per month was paid to the volunteers by the Hind Swaraj Trust out of grants received from the Govt. of Maharashtra. The volunteers were intoxicated by Hazare’s appeal for social work to such an extent that they never imagined that one day Hazare would leave them astray. They were so overcome by the blind-faith in Hazare that they never thought that Mr.Hazare could have ulterior motives. Actually, Mr.Hazare was thinking to launch a state-wide movement against corruption in 90s; and for that purpose, he needed manpower. Under the AdarshaGaonYojana, he organized the trained youth plus the villagers of the project villages, i.e. the AdarshaGaon villages. But, unfortunately his idea could not crystallize and, after his fast against the then Sena-BJP govt., he resigned from the Chairmanship of the AdarshaGaonYojana.

Then he removed the trained youth from the payrolls of Hind Swaraj Trust. The volunteers lodged a case against Hind Swaraj Trust in the Labour Court of Pune (1997). Unfortunately, the volunteers lost the case, as they had furnished a one-sided bond before joining the AdarshaGaonYojana. The agitated volunteers went straight from the Court to the office of Hind Swaraj Trust (where Hazare used to stay during his visit to Pune) to gheraoMr.Hazare. But, Mr.Hazare had fled just minutes before, as soon as he got the message that the volunteers are marching to Hind Swaraj Trust.

Mr.Hazare falsely claimed in the Daily Lokmat of 16/04/2011 that 96 devoted and full-time volunteers are working throughout Maharashtra for rural development and each one of them has an army of more than 20 volunteers. There is nothing like that. In reality, he deceived 300+ volunteers and left them astray. He is making false claims in order to attract youth to join his anti-corruption movement, so that he could use them to bring the nation to standstill during his ‘fast-unto-death-dramas’.

AdarshaGaonYojana (AGY):

It has been learnt that the AdarshaGaonYojana (AGY) Committee has selected Mr. Anna Hazare’s Hind Swaraj Trust for imparting training in watershed development to NGOs working under AGY and for monitoring and evaluation of ongoing and completed projects under AGY.

Actually, Anna Hazare was responsible for the failure of AGY in the period 1992-1997 when he was the Chairman of the state level AGY Committee. Instead of working for the development of 300 villages under AGY, he engaged himself in the anti-corruption movement. After his resignation from the office of Chairmanship, he removed all the Technical and Social Coordinators working in Hind Swaraj Trust under the AGY scheme. Thus, he played with the lives of about 300 youth who had been trained at Ralegan Siddhi in his training centre and who were working with dedication. These youth, who suffered from Hazare’s autocratic nature, had also filed suit in the Labour Court of Pune in 1997 against Hazare’s Hind Swaraj Trust. But, unfortunately, they lost the case as Mr.Hazare had taken a one-sided undertaking from them on a bond-paper. As per the undertaking, the employees could not leave their jobs under AGY, but Hind Swaraj Trust could remove them without any reason. This proves the autocratic nature of Hazare, who treated the employees of AGY as “bonded labourers”. The AGY staff was working on meager amount of honorarium on temporary basis.

Not only that, Mr.Hazare misused his authority of chairmanship of AGY and allotted the printing of stationery worth lakhs of rupees to one of the Trustees of Hind Swaraj Trust, Mr.PradeepMunot, who owns a printing press, named Prabhat Printing Works at Gultekdi. After his resignation, instead of returning the stationery to AGY office, Hazare sold the stationery to waste-paper recycling industry in Pune and earned money.

Instead of taking action against Mr.Hazare, the Govt. of Maharashtra has appointed him as the Chief Advisor to AGY Committee, which is unbelievable. It seems that the Govt. has surrendered before his threats of “fast-unto-death” and offered him the post of Chief Advisor.

Is there any dearth of good and competent NGOs in Maharashtra, from Chanda to Banda, to conduct such training programmes? Is Hind Swaraj Trust selected through proper procedure? Were Expressions-of-Interest (EoI) invited from the reputed NGOs in the field? Is there transparency in the selection procedure? Hind Swaraj Trust is an incapable and incompetent organization. It has failed in all projects it undertook since its inception.

The quality of training at Ralegan Siddhi is very poor due to the lack of well qualified and experienced staff. Due to Hazare’s autocratic nature, good staff left the training centre and joined other organizations. Now, only third-grade staff is left for imparting training. Many NGOs and Govt. Depts. conduct training programs at Ralegan Siddhi due to craze of its reputation which is false. After completion of training, they realize the hollowness of everything. But, due to Hazare’s clout and name, they could not complain.

Mr.Hazare has not even spared Mr.PopatPawar. Mr.Pawar has dedicatedly worked for the development of his village, Hiware Bazar, under the AGY. Hiware Bazar was included in the AGY in 1992, and it is the only village which could be shown as a success story of AGY. There are some other villages also which have done commendable work. Mr.Hazare has recently (April 2011) given a statement that Mr.Pawar is his ‘product’ and took all the credit of Hiware Bazar. In Marathi – AnnaniPawarancha ‘popat’ banawla.

Mr.Hazare has also falsely claimed that there are 96 full-time karyakartas (volunteers) working in Maharashtra at grassroots level and each one of them has a staff of 20 to 25 full-time workers. According to him, they are changing the rural scenario under his guidance. A nicely fabricated story! In reality, these are the same Technical and Social Coordinators who were removed by Hazare and suffered a lot. Actually, Hazare deceived them all in the pretence of ‘social service’.

AdarshaMahilaMandal (AMM)

AMM implemented a project on nursery which was funded by CAPART Regional Office, Ahmedabad. The real beneficiaries are not benefitted by the project. The income earned by selling saplings of horticultural plants is taken by SSYSPM, another organization which is not at all concerned with the project. Thus SSYSPM earns lakhs of rupees through the sale of plants. The green houses of the nursery are located in the premises of SSYSPM. Mr.Hazare controls the Organization, although he is not a Member / Trustee of the AMM.

SantYadavbabaTarunMandal (SYTM)

SYTM implemented a project on construction of crematorium and distribution of cows. Cows are distributed to workers close to Mr.Hazare, and not to needy and poor families. Mr.Hazare controls the organization, although he is not on its Board.

BhrashtacharVirodhi Jan Andolan (BVJA)

Mr.Hazare, who confined himself to rural development in the first two decades of his career, entered the “Right-to-Information” movement in 1995 after coming in contact with Mrs.Aruna Roy who had started the movement in Rajasthan way back in 1980s. He cleverly used this movement to broaden his base from village to state level. He himself lacked organizational skills. So, he tactically used the organizational acumen and mass-support of Dr. Baba Adhav, Mr.AvinashDharmadhikari, Mr. G. P. Pradhan, Mr.GovindbhaiShroff, Father Francis Dibreto and Prof.PushpaBhave in expanding his “BhrashtacharVirodhi Jan Andolan” (BVJA) throughout Maharashtra. After achieving his aim, he removed all of them from the state level committee of BVJA and recruited second grade workers who were having ability to blackmail corrupt government officers, builders and contractors. Some of his district level committees were headed by notorious criminals. They helped Mr.Hazare by collecting ‘donations’ for the movement.

Mr.Hazare is the President of the BVJA which is a registered Society with about 30 district level branches spread all over Maharashtra. In 1998, Mr.Hazare distributed donation receipt books to about 25 district unit heads for collection of donations. Out of them, about 10 receipts books were ‘lost’. In reality, the collected money of donations was collectively appropriated by respective district heads and office bearers. Mr.Hazare submitted a false affidavit before Enquiry Commission. There is corruption under the nose of Hazare in BVJA.

The district units are nothing but collection centres of illicit money. Some of the district heads are notorious criminals (clippings available on youtube). Most of the district heads blackmail corrupt officers, builders and contractors and make money for both BVJA and themselves. They forward complaints with evidences to Mr.Hazare against officers / contractors who do not pay  bribes. There is a competition for appointment as District Head, which inevitably breeds corruption in the movement. The office bearers of BVJA made money out of appointments of district unit heads. Some of the District Heads paid regular bribes to them during 1999 to 2009.

There are so-called documentary evidences of corruption against Mr.GovindraoAdik, Mr.PatangraoKadam, Mr. Sunil Tatkare and Mr.SushilkumarShinde lying with Mr.Hazare. All of these stalwarts surrendered before Hazare as soon as they got the news through some confidential. These leaders poured money in Ralegan Siddhi in the form of funds / grants through different Govt. schemes during their tenure of influential position or office. This is nothing but an innovative form of corruption.

There are District Level Committees constituted by the State Govt. for each district for checking corruption. The District Magistrate (Collector) is the Chairperson of this committee and the other members are drawn from various Govt. Depts. There is one Non-Governmental Member nominated by the District Collector. Mr.Hazare exerted pressure on the State Govt. to give him powers to nominate the Non-Governmental Member. The Govt. yielded to his un-constitutional demand and issued a notification / Govt. Resolution (GR) that the District Collector should nominate the Non-Governmental Member recommended by Mr.Hazare.


From whom?


1 Ministry of Rural Development,Govt. of India,

New Delhi

  1. Reg. sanction of Training Centre, progress reports, dead stock/assets created out of grants, sale of bus
  2. Copy of Mr.RajendraPawar’s letter reg. malpractices and misappropriation in DPAP project
  3. Reg. sanction and running of training programmes under IWMP
2 Council for Advancement of People’s Action & Rural Technology (CAPART),New Delhi
  1. List of projects sanctioned to Anna Hazare’s organizations/NGOs
  2. Copies of progress reports submitted by Hazare’s organizations/NGOs
  3. Reports of pre-funding appraisal, mid-term evaluations and post-project evaluations of all the projects
  4. All correspondence between CAPART and Anna Hazare/his organizations/NGOs
  5. Reg. functioning of HST as SVO
3 Secretary, Rural Development, JalasandharanVibhag,Mantralaya, Mumbai
  1. Copy of Mr.RajendraPawar’s letter reg. malpractices and misappropriation in DPAP
  2. Copy of Mr.RajendraPawar’s letter reg. training programmes under STI
4 Commissioner of Income Tax,Pune
  1. Reg. IT returns of Hazare’s organizations which are selling books, CDs and nursery plants
  2. Reg. donations accepted by BhrashtacharVirodhi Jana AndolanNyas
5 Superintending Enginner /Executive Engineer, Irrigation Dept., Pune / Ahmednagar
  1. Reg. construction of wall in the Kukadi project canal passing through Parner near Ralegan Siddhi
  2. Reg. Watershed Recharge (Recycling) project
6 ZillaParishad, Ahmednagar
  1. Reg. money spent on repair of percolation tank in Ralegan Siddhi
7 Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (Tata Relief Committee), Mumbai
  1. Work done by TRC in Ralegan Siddhi
8 Agriculture Department,Ahmednagar
  1. Reg. money spent in Ralegan Siddhi since 1972
  2. What types of works were undertaken, how many structures constructed under which schemes, etc.
  3. Reg. recently constructed check-dams in Ralegan Siddhi in the last 4 years (1 was constructed for beautification of Padmavati temple premises)
9 Collector, Ahmednagar
  1. Reg. funds released under ‘TeerthakshetraVikasYojana’ and ‘Urvarit Maharashtra VaidhanikVikasMandalNidhi’
10 AdarshaGaonYojana Office, KrishiBhavan, Shivajinagar, Pune
  1. Reg. funds released to Hazare’s organizations under AdarshaGaonYojana(AGY)
  2. Reg. stationery printed for the AGY by HST


Hazare, AdarshaGaonYojana& Hind Swaraj Trust

  1. The printing of stationery required for 300 villages under AdarshaGaonYojana (AGY) was allotted to Prabhat Printing Works, Gultekdi, Pune, which is owned by Mr.PradeepMunot. Mr.Munot was also a Trustee of the Hind Swaraj Trust and Mr.Hazare was the Chairman of the AGY Committee of the Govt. of Maharashtra. Mr.Hazare misused his office of the Chairmanship of AGY to allot the printing work to Prabhat Printing Works owned by a Trustee of the Hind Swaraj Trust.
  2. Huge quantity of stationery, meant for the project period of 6 – 7 years, was printed by the AGY Committee and handed over to Hind Swaraj Trust for distribution to NGOs working under AGY. Mr.Hazare resigned from the Chairmanship of AGY in 1997. The stationery required for 1 to 1½ year duration was distributed to NGOs by the time Mr.Hazare resigned. What happened to the remaining stationery? Did the AGY Committee recollect the unutilized balance stationery from the Trust?
  3. The Govt. of Maharashtra also disbursed funds to the Trust under AGY for construction, salary, training, etc. How many personnel required for AGY were trained by the Trust? Are they still working under AGY? Is there any need to recruit manpower once again and train them at Ralegan Siddhi?
  4. Mr.Hazare left the AGY in 1997. By that time, lakhs of rupees were spent on the scheme. Who is responsible for the wasteful expenditure on training, stationery and other recurring and non-recurring items for which funds were given to the Trust? AGY Committee headed by Mr.Hazare OR Hind Swaraj Trust headed by Mr.Hazare?
  5. Mr.Hazare was responsible for the failure of the AGY. Why did the Govt. not exact the money from the Trust? Why did the Govt. appoint him as Chief Advisor to the AGY Committee and JalasandharanParishad again?
  6. Has the AGY Committee sanctioned project to the Trust in 2010-11 under pressure of Mr.Hazare, because he is the Chief Advisor to the AGY Committee?
  7. For what purpose the Govt. of Maharashtra has allotted land at Pune to the Trust? The Trust is constructing a building there. For what purpose?
  8. One Mr.RajendraPawar, Ahmednagar, complained in May/June 2009 about the irregularities, misappropriation of funds and mismanagement in the DPAP watershed project being implemented by the Trust in Parnertaluka to: (a) CEO, ZP, Ahmednagar; (b) Secretary, Gramavikas, JalasandharanVibhag, Mantralaya, Mumbai; and (c) Joint Secretary, M & E, Min. of Rural Development, GoI, New Delhi. But instead of taking action, the matter was closed by the Project Director, DRDA, Ahmednagar. The PD himself helped by accepting bogus record submitted by the Trust, under the pressure of Mr.Hazare.

The copy of this letter could be obtained from:

  1. Chief Executive Officer, ZillaParishad, Ahmednagar-414001;
  2. Chief Executive Officer, ZillaParishad, Pune-411001;
  3. Chief Executive Officer, ZillaParishad, Solapur
  4. Secretary, Gramavikas, JalasandharanVibhag, Mantralaya, Mumbai-400032;
  5. Project Director, DRDA, Ahmednagar.

In a nutshell

The benefits of various projects funded by CAPART did not reach the villagers or the real beneficiaries, but the NGOs headed and controlled by Mr. Anna Hazare cornered the benefits by creating assets, both movable and immovable, as described below:

Most of the funds are diverted from the original projects towards construction of buildings, thus creating assets for the Organization. For this purpose, bogus musters and vouchers were prepared. The buildings thus created are not properly utilized. Some of the buildings are lying idle for the last 12 years and some of the buildings are used illegally for non-project purposes. The buildings of training centre were used as boys’ hostel for 2 years. The students were charged Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 22,000 per year. Some buildings were rented to an NGO for running dispensary for about 6 to 7 years. Three buildings are still used for office and store-rooms of the Anti-corruption Movement.

Most of the projects are nothing but wasteful expenditure. Had these projects been implemented honestly, they would have become ‘models’ for replication; e.g. Vermiculture project and Mushroom cultivation project. The Organizations were not capable of implementing the projects. The honest and dedicated staffs were never encouraged, but they were removed so that malpractices could be carried on without any hindrance. And most importantly, Mr.Hazare’s intentions were never honest and sincere.

The Organizations earn lakhs of rupees each year through the sale of books, cassettes, CDs and tree saplings. All these products were brought out of CAPART funds. Now it has become an enterprise / commercial activity. Under the guise of social work, the Organizations do not pay Income Tax to the Govt. Most of the money from CAPART grants was diverted towards construction of buildings. Every Organization / NGO headed by Mr.Hazare has lakhs of rupees invested in Fixed Deposits with banks and Coop. Credit Society. CAPART has never verified the utilization of its funds due to Hazare’s pressure and threats of “fast-unto-death”.

The villagers’ / beneficiaries’ contribution in the form of ‘shram-dan’ in any project never crossed 3% of the project cost. But Mr.Hazare always exaggerates the figure to 15 to 20%. The villagers’ aspirations and needs were never considered during formulation and implementation of the projects. The projects were ‘NGO-centric’ instead of ‘people-centric’.

There are 2 Training Centres in Ralegan Siddhi; one funded by CAPART to SSYSPM and another funded by the MoRD to HST. Mr.Hazare also extracted funds from the State Govt. for both these training centres. The amount of stipend which had to be paid to trainees was also appropriated by his Organizations. During 1992 to 1997, the Govt. of Maharashtra issued many GRs in favour of Mr.Hazare and his Trusts for the AdarshaGaonYojana (AGY) under his pressure. Even today, the Govt. is pouring money in Ralegan Siddhi for training, monitoring and evaluation under the AGY, despite the poor quality of training and lack of well qualified staff.

Actually, Hazare has completely failed in the AGY and he had resigned in 1997 from the Chairmanship of the AGY Committee. But, to please him and to divert him from going on repeated hunger strikes, the Govt. appointed him as the Chief Advisor of the AGY. Mr.Hazare is misusing his office to get funds. There is no dearth of good and reputed NGOs in the field of watershed development in Maharashtra for training, monitoring and evaluation.



Details of projects implemented by SantYadavbabaShikshanPrasarakMandal and funded by CAPART (Min. of Rural Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi)



Title of the project

Year of sanction

Amount sanctioned / released / refunded to CAPART

Local contribution as shown by SSYSPM


Water Conservation Project


Sanctioned                  Rs. 3,40,242

Released                     Rs. 3,40,242

Beneficiaries’-     Rs. 35,830


Organic Farming with Bio-degradable Waste by Using Earthworm Technology (Vermiculture Project)


Sanctioned                  Rs. 9,64,000

Released                     Rs. 8,13,950

Refunded                    Rs. 3,25,311



Setting up a Demonstration Centre at Ralegan Siddhi Using Low-cost Construction Technology


Sanctioned                Rs. 11,36,156

Released                   Rs. 11,36,156

Organisation’s- Rs. 1,72,966


Comprehensive Watershed Mgmt. Project


Sanctioned                  Rs. 8,26,000

Released                     Rs. 8,26,000

Beneficiaries’-     Rs. 54,810


Training Institute for Ideal Village Level Workers


Sanctioned                Rs. 14,45,050

Released                   Rs. 12,17,050

Refunded                    Rs. 2,81,788



Construction of Permanent Water Supply Scheme at Ganeshwadi


Sanctioned                  Rs. 3,82,000

Released                     Rs. 3,82,000

Organisation’s-    Rs. 26,983Beneficiaries’-  Rs. 1,21,035


Establishing a Model Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Centre


Sanctioned                  Rs. 9,69,900

Released                     Rs. 6,36,500

 Refunded-Exact figure not known



Construction of Series of Bandharas for Drinking WaterSupply&Agrill. Use


Sanctioned                  Rs. 7,17,000

Released                     Rs. 7,17,000

Beneficiaries’-     Rs. 46,960


Setting-up a Media Centre at Ralegan Siddhi – Phase I


Sanctioned                Rs. 14,65,300

Released                   Rs. 14,00,300

Refunded                       Rs. 58,794



Setting-up a Media Centre at Ralegan Siddhi – Phase II


Figures not known



The above table is incomplete. More details to be added later in my book “OPIUM OF RAMLEELA’.

…..To be continued


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