Nephews Love Uncles: Two Faces of Partisans (Ajit Pawar and Raj Thackeray) – Part 2

Nephews Love Uncles,
Two Faces of Partisans
(Ajit Pawar and Raj  Thackeray)

                                                                   Part 2

Once upon a time in Maharashtra uncles of the nephews Ajit Pawar and Raj Thackeray indulged in mock war against each other.

The above link explains one uncle’s affection about cosa-nostra.

The other uncle Mr. Bal Thackeray openly said, ‘if you have Dawood Ibrahim then we have Arun Gawli’. Actual war on streets and bloodshed was not between Pawar senior and Thackeray senior but was between lumpen youth groups. It was actually mafia drive for power and money generation by both Pawar’s and Thackeray’s in that era. It was clearly mentioned in Vora committee report and senior Thackeray’s speech. In those days Pawar use to call senior Thackeray a human skeleton and Bal Thackeray referred to senior Pawar as Sack of flour. Their followers and enthusiastic youths of those days thought that two social, political revolutionaries were fighting on behalf of their ideologies for welfare of the state. Ideologically they were arch enemies but now decades after we all know and realize that they were very close friends and their territorial fight were to protect their mafia clans through which they gained money and power.

Decades later Mr. Ajit Pawar and Mr. Raj Thackeray are playing the same game with same enthusiasm in the same spirit of mockery and farce. The worst part of this repetitive part of history is Ajit Pawar’s and Raj Thackeray’s followers and misguided youths of Maharashtra are taking part and shedding their sweat and blood for this pseudo-mock war with same ignorance shown by their counter- parts. The thing is the lineage of insensitivity carried further by the nephews towards human life is as worst as their uncles. Nobody is interested in real mafia dynamism and criminal clan behind these nephews which makes state, policies, diplomacy and common human life absolutely insignificant.

An insensitive reaction – ‘urinating in dam’ by Ajit Pawar relating to drought prone areas of Maharashtra after his millions of dollars irrigation scam describes his barbaric culture of anti-human thinking and organization. He should be declared as enemy of people and immediately shunned by his opponents but here Raj Thackeray like his uncle immediately made a mockery of urinating part instead of raising voice against insensitive and anti-human culture. Here, raising voice means not pulling crowd and making mockery of famous people. Raising voice means declare policies, counter policies, and counter-state machineries with human face and human values.  Like his uncle Bal Thackeray, Raj lacks all these strengths so again skeleton versus sack of flour episode in different form repeats and we clap either for Ajit Pawar or for Raj Thackeray. Today both of them are in good terms behind the curtains. Their show once curtain is raised before us is incomplete without each other. They are indispensible without each other; their uncles, their roles are decided none other but by themselves. Comprehensive understanding about contemporary world, state, policies and welfare of the people is zero for both of these nephews. So they fill that void with entertainment and violence. Violent language, state organized terror (phone tapping etc…), terror on the street is all raw material from both sides to fill up that void of intellectual bankruptcy. They are happy that they are able to cheat people of Maharashtra second time in history after their uncles in Maharashtra and why not? Anyone of in their place should be happy for the smooth turn of events. No law, no man, no state machinery, no political party, no media house can stop them or rather want to stop them or being more appropriate rather wants to stop them.

At pseudo policy level, superficially uncles followed a line of so-called thought. Same superficial line nephews are taking. Mr. Sharad Pawar always tried to build his image as pro-Phule and Ambedkarism but in reality he always suppressed and suffocated emerging real power through  thoughts of Phule and Ambedkar. There are many instances in history where Sharad Pawar obliged emerging Phule-Ambedkar leaders and used them for selfish purpose rather than for magnanimous ideological purpose. On the other hand, Bal Thackeray openly took a line of anti- Phule-Ambedkarism and openly opposed Ambedkar’s book ‘Riddles’ and naming Marathwada university after Ambedkar. At the same time Bal Thackeray took strong anti-muslim stand and declared himself as a prophet of Hinduism (Hindurhiday Samarat). His followers praised him as self-made Godfather or Hindus.

Now for nephews: Mr. Ajit Pawar is suppressing OBC and Ambedkarian leadership and Mr. Raj Thackeray openly opposes Indu mill symbol demanded by Ambedkarians. Some Ambedkarian youths were beaten before Raj Thackeray’s house. Raj Thackeray openly supported Mr. Narendra Modi with clarity from initial stage of Modified hindutva which is again taking sides. One can argue that Modi’s development model is unique and unparallel, though I would refrain from commenting in this blog. I will write a separate blog on that. We should understand with clarity that Raj Tahckeray accepts Modi completely and absolutely without any exception, even exception of 2002 episode. This means when Raj Thackeray says, ‘I support (who cares! ) Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, Raj Thackeray accepts ‘bitter’ Hinduism propagated by his uncle. In 1993, during Mumbai riots Mr. Bal Thackeray played an vital anti-muslim role for which Srikrishna Commission in their report held him responsible but no action was taken. Same happened in post-Godhra riots in Gujarat. Mr. Raj Thackeray’s uncle fixation and its void filled up by Modification! Circle of violence against a specific race is completed by Narendra Modi. Mr. Raj Thackeray’s love for Narendra Modi has this uncle fixation and psychologically a kind of ‘child ego’ angle is historically significant for whole Muslim community.

Both nephews; Ajit Pawar and Raj Thackeray are so uncle-centric and anti-human that money, fame, power and recognition of self is the only motive of them which they have inherited and do not deny. Once Raj Thackeray criticized Ajit Pawar that, ‘Ajit Pawar is dependent on his uncle even in his 50’s’. Don’t above mentioned facts and figures show that Raj Thackeray is too dependent on his uncle even today? Both nephews love their uncles immensely. Raj Thackeray did not celebrate his birthday citing his uncle’s recent death. Ajit Pawar always mentioned his love and affection in his speech.  Actually both the nephews used the terminology ‘love’ in altogether a different perspective. They want to steal machinery of psychological exploitation which their respective uncles have created and want to become territorial Godfather’s with proper understanding and sharing among themselves in the state. This love is very common in Sicilian families among Cosa Nostra. One line defines this love; enemy of the people. The real question is, why we the people are behaving like gang members of a mafia family and keep applauding for success of respective nephews? Are we intellectually bankrupt or we want to be so self-destructive that nothing will be left after us even Pawar’s and Thackey.

(to be contd……………………..)

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2 Responses to Nephews Love Uncles: Two Faces of Partisans (Ajit Pawar and Raj Thackeray) – Part 2

  1. Guruprasad Hari Khadilkar says:

    Agree ! Thanks for keeping straight view !! Awaiting next part !!!

  2. Manish Kinhikar says:

    Great write up. The system since independence has been so molded that such personalities take birth and prosper. Instead of actual partisan governance on principles; our rulers engaged themselves in retention of power rather than governance. The decline started with Indira Gandhi which now rolling in form of a snow ball growing in size on every roll. Sad state of affairs. Bhujbals, etc are smiling with impunity and they are our leaders. Shame on such democracy

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