Father, Godfather, Son, Daughter, Nephews: Pawars and Thackerays, Two faces of Partisans – Part 3

Father, Godfather, Son, Daughter, Nephews:
Pawars and Thackerays,
Two faces of Partisans

Part 3

Uddhav Thackeray, son of Shivsena Supremo Bal Thackeray inherited political party ‘Shivsena’ from his father. Even Nationalist (Rashtravadi) Congress party of Sharad Pawar is ancestral legacy of his daughter Supriya Sule. Now the later ones picture is unclear but all lies, undercurrents, caution tactics and games played by Sharad Pawar and his daughter will make this thing very clear in near future. Initially Supriya Sule firmly denied she had anything to do with politics. According to her at that time she was very happy with her ‘social work’.  Later on she entered politics with a big bang and now she sings a different tune that she is happy in ‘national politics’. Remember theirs is a ‘national party’!

Early or later both the nephews of Pawars and Thackerays respectively will have to face the same fate but in different perspective. Many followers, sympathizers, fellow travelers and party workers and common man of course think that why these uncles turned Godfather’s of their nephews and later their inner father became dominant. Why is the question? Actually in multi-national companies this funda is very much popular. To create monopoly in your mother brands you have to bring many products of same utility with different brand names for e.g. toothpaste. This is to keep the competition contained within four walls and no space for outsider should be created. This is to maintain sanctum of inner territory. They don’t want to create any void of power for outsider to fill it up. Multi-national companies do this to create product centric, product dominated market. They keep no space for consumer-centric market. The same theory applies here. Pawars and Thackerays played a very calculated game of Pawar and Thackeray centric politics of news, media and political market. All other politicians will either imitate them and their family or directly follow the family. As a Godfather and father, Senior Pawar and Senior Thackeray played such dirty tactics and games that they left no room for common people of this state. Either of the democratic institutions or media has left no role in state without either Pawar family or Thackeray family or both the families. So Bureaucracy, media and politics of the state revolve around either Pawar or Thackeray.  Ultimately in this deadly game all democratic institution of state are dependents of Pawar and Thackeray family, inclusive of sons, daughters and nephews and grandchildren too. So these families go unscratched after corruption at magnanimous level. Not only nephew Ajit Pawar or Raj Thackeray but son Udhav Thackeray and Supriya Sule also enjoy political immunity from direct and indirect involvement in scams and scandals on huge level.

This functioning itself is similar to inhuman multi-national companies; Pawar and Company another is Thackeray and Company. Two grand machineries exploit human lives and huge resources of the state for the exclusive extravagance and enrichment of their family power and wealth which is absolute illegitimate and anti-human in any real democratic society. People may ask or may think that what other leaders are doing for e.g  Munde, Rane, Gadkari, Naik etc…etc. They just imitate these two grand godfather’s model of exploitation at their level to exploit the state and protect their and their family’s unparallel luxurious life. In return like a good sharp-shooter they provide their ‘services’ to their respective masters (Pawars and Thackerays: Their sons, daughter’s nephews and grandchildren etc…).

Some people were of the thought that Raj-Uddhav or Ajit-Supriya should function in one direction and one cause. These people are anti-model of respective godfathers! They want to minimize profitability of son-nephew, daughter-nephew equation and anti-equation.  The entire game revolve properly around Pawar’s and Thackeray’s when son-nephew, daughter-nephew stand up as a contrast in the market of politics to fill up the whole canvas. Actually all Pawars and all Thackerays are working in one direction and they are working for one cause if you think in proper perception and proper perspective.  Welfare state, welfare of the people, democratic institutions, upliftment of the poor, prosperity of the common man, rational and objective thinking with human face about the state and lives of the people; these are some parameters which puts us commoners in absolutely wrong place to judge these two godfathers and respective families. These are not goals, aims, objective of these two grand machineries of exploitation called Pawars and Thackerays and their extended families. They want you to think about themselves and not about yourself and that is the only goal they have achieved long ago. Acceleration in corruption by any Pawars or Thackerays, may it be corruption in Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation led by Uddhav Thackeray or ‘social work’ by Supriya Sule through chain of Pawar Public School built by many builders is all non-issue but one remark of Raj Thackeray on Uddhav or vise a versa or Supriya Sule’s reaction to Ajit Pawar’s comment or vise a versa is much larger issue to hide their corruption issues. Land grabbing, direct or indirect extortion, direct or indirect benefits of political power, political and non-political deaths of opponents, religious riots and caste based hatred for personal benefits per say has never been discussed properly. Both the families with all of their branches are directly or indirectly involved somewhere or other in these anti-human and anti-state activities and emerged without a scratch even in judiciary. So many commissions, many retired and serving judges, senior media personalities, retired bureaucrats and technocrats  who are involved in those commissions checked and analyzed Pawar and Thackeray after every scam and scandal and declared them and their family members spotless and pious, painted them larger than life- Sarkar!  The idiot people of the state kept discussing that united Thackeray family and united Pawar family will be ‘more patriotic’ and ‘more serving’ for the state. What a mockery of democracy, judiciary and nation- wide intellectual integrity. This is the story of complete decay and degeneration of us as a democratic society and more than that as human society. We have awarded them state honors and they gave us defeat, loss of human values, inhumanity, and complete insanity in political arena, degeneration of art, culture and philosophy and a Stone Age kind of feudal society.

This is not only the story of state of Maharashtra; more or less this is the story of post-independent India. The respective Pawars and respective Thackerays of today’s state are ‘patriots’ and they are partisans of each other for keeping their cosa nostra territory intact. We have to describe and illustrate, analyze and apply this theory for whole nation in different manner but the most important question here is after signing United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention by Prime-Minister of this country, are we empowered to take these families in front of international court for being enemy of the people or not?  In the last 40 years we have witnessed no machinery at state or national level able to take action against such families. So what is the alternative in this globalization era where we know too much and too less can be done in this country by us to stop them.  

The real question here is not about the future of Thackeray family or Pawar family but the real question is about common man and his family! Like Nuremberg Trial against war criminals are we entitled to ask for a fair trial against corrupt political families in International Court, Hague? We are sovereign country with democratic republic status where all we the people are equal in front of our constitution but some are more equal and above constitution. How can we ask for a trial against these ‘more equal and above’ in our country? Solution may or may not be extreme; does it make any difference? Here Pawars and Thackerays are also examples. The most unforgettable thing than Pawars and Thackerays is we are the victims and our numbers are much more than people eliminated in whole World War II including Jews in concentration camps.

What the hell is going on?

Is anybody listening?


(to be contd……………………..)

Raju Parulekar
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5 Responses to Father, Godfather, Son, Daughter, Nephews: Pawars and Thackerays, Two faces of Partisans – Part 3

  1. somalthakore says:

    Really deep and an eye Opener

  2. Manish says:

    Good one. Those who matters are not listening.

  3. Pradip Gaikwad says:

    Great blog……very very perfect said

  4. kaiwalya says:

    The people who are saying that this is great,perfect and all that….. please see same guy(raju) what he wrote about Mr. Raj thackarey in 2008 on manse’s website..this is the link…


    This guy always writes extreme.i dont have any problem i like his writing but some times i get confuse whether i believe his first edition or second one..????same story he repeats in anna hajare’s issue.

  5. पण आता बीजेपी पुढे आली आहे तिथे मुले आहेत पण एवढा एक घराणे प्रभाव नाही. देवेन्द्र पुढे आला मुन्डे महाजन पुत्री ना मागे ठेवुन

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