It was my promise to put one CD on public domain. The content of this CD is explosive through which ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ used to blackmail Anna aka Kisan Baburao Hazare. Precisely this CD contains a very steamy and explosive discussion between Anna and ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ about brand Anna money, Sim Card and donations. The total money accumulated through Anna Sim cards and other donations are ₹ 200 crore plus. Content reveals that Anna is asking for 60% share from that money whereas the last offer from ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ to Anna was only ₹ 2 crores by cheque which Anna refused with harsh words and declared to disown ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. Rest is history.

 @ RaleganSiddhi

Third rate conspirators ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ very cunningly made a recording of entire steamy discussion which took place in which Anna’s image of ‘Fakir’ was tarnished and grounded to ashes. This fear of blackmailing by ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ encircled and isolated Anna completely and absolutely for opposing fiercely ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. Anna lost his ground because of his ownKarma and his lust for fame, recognition and money. Whereas ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ (especially Kejriwal, Bhushan and Sisodiya) minted money and dreamt to come to power in politics. The game of money and power of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ began with this CD and Anna was lost and defeated which he deserved.

When I got access to this CD I wasn’t shocked because I knew anatomy of ‘GANG KEJRIWALS’ nature. Then I started exploring and investigating sources and resources of donations of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ through which they are playing game of politics in Delhi assembly elections. Here, again I got access to very core information about blackmailed industrialists, builders and some corporates by ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ for money. Some of them are ready to give an affidavit while others are scared of Bhushans and their PIL’s. Bhushans are known as PIL industrialists in Delhi circle. Through this fear industry ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ fectched more than ₹ 33, 00 crores which were suspected laundered to East European countries. No government agency is interested in seriously investigating these thugs till today. Hon. Patiala House Court ordered to FIR and investigate their source of funding and illegal use of donations for political purpose. FIR has been filed but till today no serious investigation took place by Delhi police. (Kindly click here to see this link).

On other side Bhushans caught and punished by court (Kindly click here to see this link), government agencies, sting operation but nothing has been done on legal, moral or ethical grounds by ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. When I saw recordings of some of the industrialists who confessed in-camera that they have been blackmailed by ‘GANG KEJRIWAL,’ I was shocked that even industrialists and entrepreneurs are not safe and secured in this country and neither protected by government. In conversation with Industrialists and entrepreneurs they said there are loopholes in nature of law, nature of taxation for any industry. They agreed that they took benefit of those loopholes at times because there was no other way to escape from corrupt bureaucracy and government machinery. Here, role of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ began. Initially they came as a saviour against corruption and ultimately as per their blue print they blackmailed wealthy people for being ‘corrupt’ hence we can say that ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ shared their pie of corruption. This clarity you get from CD’s which I have access to.
(AAP heckled corporates for donations, says journo – Hindustan Times –

When Anna’s CD leaked in which he is annoyed by malpractices of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ and spoke in group of few about fraud and corruption of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL,’ I thought it is my moral duty to get hold of all these CD’s which is even today possible for me and make it public. I was bit naïve about ‘GANG KEJRIWALS’ cunningness and shamelessness at that point. Then came Anuranjan Jha’s Media Sarkar exposure on India TV news which was enough to describe and illustrate ugly and corrupt state of mind of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ and their audacity and shamelessness to defend their corrupt practices which describe and illustrate their ugly minds and ugly facets. These are par excellence in stead with Congress and BJP (Remember the resignation on moral grounds; Abhishek Manu Singhvi, George Fernandes, Judev, Bangaru Lakshman, Nitin Gadkari, Pawan Bansal etc etc…)


By this time I had made up my mind to hold Press Conference in Delhi and put all the material I have accessed as a journalist in public domain.

1 – (Watch “Arvind Kejriwal blackmailing Anna Hazare using a video CD, says blogger” on YouTube –

2 – (Watch “Kejriwal blackmailing Anna: former blogger Raju Parulekar” on YouTube –

It could be in form of documents, CD’s or audio/video recordings. But after Media Sarkar episode and ‘GANG KEJRIWALS’ reaction I realised this is not a short battle. This is a prolonged war (which I am fighting since November 2011) with its own complexities and nuances. I was in two minds because:

  1. If I did not take press conference my credibility till date will be at stake.
  2. Pressure from various groups; those interested in 4rth December Delhi assembly elections is tremendous to release all the material on public domain through press conference.

After speaking with apolitical, like minded colleagues/comrades/sympathisers and elderly people, very senior journalists and very senior lawyers, I came to conclusion this material which can expose ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ completely and absolutely won’t be able to crush them forever. The reason being their level of creating conspiracy is so high that they create a propaganda of immorality, unethicalness and illegality of pious anarchist ideology. This would eventually destroy the faith in institutional democracy in India. This is their main agenda given to them by their international bosses’. The kind of ammunition I have is explosive but not explosive enough to crush ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. My team and I have decided to make it legal through forensic labs and courts. Some more important and deadly ammunition is within my reach which I am patiently waiting for. Then only we can encircle these anti-national thugs and crush them to their fate.

This might be a gamblers strategy. Some comrades of mine are annoyed by my decision because they think 4rth December is ‘D’ day for ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. Personally it’s my conviction is against this thought. ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’s’ political party will not get a single seat in Delhi election or could maximum get one or two seats. Their propaganda machinery claiming the AAP party will get 38 to 50 seats is worth a laugh. Consistently they are circulating these fake surveys through advertorials of media channels. Actually to de-stabilise the country they are looking for 6% plus votes in Delhi election to get permanent election symbol.  They are not at all worried about their ‘ELECTIONILE DYSFUNCTION’ seat wise. Money flowing from them to media for their propaganda and coverage is far more than established political parties itself shows this is not hard earned money or donations. This is foreign money and money through blackmail of Indian entrepreneurs. They are fetching money and creating money-making machine called ‘AAM ADMI PARTY’.

With the support of their International bosses they need not worry about Indian police, legal system, bureaucracy, politicians or even Indian people. Unlike their contemporary politicians across India they don’t answer any inconvenient question. At time they ridicule people/media/contemporary politicians for raising such questions. This courage is unconstitutional! The real colour of this courage will come out with deadly anti-national venom like ‘Arab spring’!

For me, personally and people whom I am answerable to, 4rth December is not ‘D’ day. I don’t want to use only available ammunition against ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ now and render its explosiveness futile like many earlier stings, scams, court orders etc…etc against ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. This is not a battle, this is a war in transitional period of our nation. So we have to build an organisation to crush anti-national bunch of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’. I am changing my earlier plans and strategies against ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ though my credibility is at stake. I will prove my credibility as I win the war. Wars are not popular in its raw nature because strategies undergoes change and so do foes and friends. Anxiety neurosis arises within the groups. Allegations and counter-allegations take place. Only when you win the war you can justify logic behind your earlier strategy/ changed strategy/counter strategy.

All the CD’s, all the material, evidence against ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ is easily accessible to me and only me. This is not enough. I have filed PIL against their NGO’s in Allahabad High court one year back (You Tube link – Kindly click this link to see the News). Now I feel this is not enough against ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’S’ arrogant attitude towards Indian democratic Institutions. The danger of ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ is far more than you assess. ‘GANG KEJRIWAL’ is harmful but pawns while somebody else pulls the strings. By changing molecules like HIV virus one cannot finish the disease in one blow or one election. You have to dig deeper and deeper which I am doing. Coincidently 4rth December is my birthday but not the ‘D’ day. I can make resolutions on this date but my power, perseverance, fire and courage to fight comes through you. If you discredit me for my decisions you are free to disown me, unfollow me but if you have faith in me I am very loyal to the cause. I will do my best for the nation and we will build for the nation.

Adieu comrades!
Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419

Moral of the story:
As soon as possible with full proof strategy, I am going to make public, Cd’s, data, recordings and complete proof about GANG KEJRIWALS frauds, corruption and anti-nationalism. I assure you this time it will be enough to crush them in one blow with revised strategy. I won’t be taking press conference anymore but will upload everything on my blog directly as part of my full proof strategy. Media can be in touch with me on one to one basis.


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