Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal

Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal
(This book of Arvind Kejriwal is published by Harper Collins in joint venture with India Today Group)

                                        The story begins with government servant; a teacher Mr. Ajaypal Nagar, Post. Bambavad, teh. Daadri, District, Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Ajaypal Nagar, the original writer of "Swaraj"

Mr. Ajaypal Nagar, the original writer of “Swaraj”

A teacher from a small village who fought against corruption on Panchayat level at the cost of FIR filed against him. At the same time, a teacher and thinker in him was alive. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was enjoying his dual roles; that of IRS officer as well as head of NGO receiving funds from Ford Foundation and other international funding agencies with concrete backing of first circle of Congress party.

Ajaypal Nagar was fighting and writing in Panchayat Bambavad with his wisdom, courage and conviction. He took ten long years of experience and exploration of Panchayat and democracy to write a book titled ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’. He was unsung hero like many others who were fighting against corruption in their own circle and within their limitations.

Ajaypal is an idealistic man with some unparalleled qualities. He transcribed his experiences and fights against corruption in his writings. He worked on his book for ten long years with live references and experiences. He actually lived and breathed that book. Ajaypal, in his journey, realised that the systemic problem of Indian Government is very deep rooted. To change the system, battle against corruption at Panchayat level and democratisation of whole government system is very necessary. Ajaypal is visionary as a writer that he developed a model to change Indian Governing System. He has suggested some organic remedy to rectify government system democratically and constitutionally.

Ajaypal’s book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ is integrated organic journey through do’s and don’ts of Indian political system. Reading his book is an experience in itself. He completed his book in 2011 and got it published in early 2012.

In 2011 August, Arvind Kejriwal was nobody except blue eyed boy of Government, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay. His RTI activism was exaggerated by his self-proclaimed machinery of lies which we are familiar with in India. There were so many RTI activists who were killed in process of their real fire-brand activism who died unsung, unheard but Arvind Kejriwal was pathological liar who bagged Magsaysay award and funding from all over the world and corporates of India. There were so many deserving RTI activists whom I knew personally and had been killed in the battle against corruption in higher level of government. Here, Ajaypal suggested some basic remedies to rectify the system. In August 2011, Anna movement was at its peak and Team Anna coined by media became popular all over the world.

Arvind Kejriwal was one among all at that time but for some unknown, specific reason a large chunk of media person and media houses were in love with Kejriwal. He soon turned in to more equal than others in Team Anna in a short span of time. The media made Kejriwal an icon which he was not. Like many others Mr. Ajaypal Nagar became a victim of ‘image Kejriwal’.

He wrote a letter to Kejriwal with his book which is self-explanatory. (Kindly refer the letter displayed below).

Ajaypal Nagar's letter to Arvind Kejariwal forwarding the book.

Ajaypal Nagar’s letter to Arvind Kejariwal forwarding the book.

Ajaypal’s devotion like Eklavya towards Kejriwal was so high at that time that he compared Kejriwal to Subhash Chandra Bose and gave his book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ to study as an activist.

At that time Ajaypal Nagar was unaware that Kejriwal will behave ‘a la Dronacharya’ and unlike Dronacharya cut his thumb as gurudakshina and not demand for it.

Ajaypal waited, waited and waited for an answer from Mr. Kejriwal. Ajaypal was anticipating an answer, an analysis for his book from Kejriwal the Great but he received a shock instead.

Kejriwal in hurry in July published his book titled ‘Swaraj’. When Ajaypal eagerly waited for Kejriwal’s letter he came across news about Kejriwal’s book. Ajaypal read the book, he was shocked and stunned at the glaring similarities of Kejriwal’s book with his own.

Many paragraphs, pages, references, lines were lifted from Ajaypal’s book verbatim in piece mill method. The soul of ‘Swaraj’ was that of Ajaypal’s BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ which encompassed 70% of Ajaypal’s book while the rest was RTI and social-work annexure type references which was not a writer’s job. Ultimately any writer, editor, publisher or even reader would come to a conclusion that this is a case of naked plagiarism.

Initially Ajaypal Nagar would think that media will take his case and fight for him. So Ajaypal approached media, sent both above mentioned books, full proof evidences of plagiarism to media houses and media persons.

Some small print media people published the news in a nondescript corner.

News published in Navbharat Times, Noida.

News published in Navbharat Times, Noida.

We can see an interesting statement of Manish Sisodiya printed above in the news at the fag end of the news item. The statement itself describes and illustrates plagiarism by Kejriwal.

Sisodiya reacted, ‘we are not contending that the book is written by us but is amalgamation of different articles.’ What does this mean? The writers name printed on the book is ‘Arvind Kejriwal’. He is portrayed as the sole author of the book unlike work by collected authors. What is the meaning of this paradox between Sisodiya’s statement and description of Arvind Kejriwal’s claim as an author? The most deadly thing Ajaypal Nagar and community of authors face is no media house or media person took this exclusive theft and plagiarism seriously.

Ajaypal Nagar, a small village person, a teacher, a writer depressed, isolated and left out by elite class and elite media just because he is lone thinker not backed by Ford Foundation, National and International Corporates. No political party including BJP, CPI, CPM took this offence of Mr. Kejriwal seriously.

If this offence was then taken seriously Kejriwal would have not become a Chief-Minister or a political anarchist. His party would have gone in vain. Things went wrong everywhere for Ajaypal Nagar and his book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’. Then he approached District Court, Noida. Then CDM was an upright person so he filed a case of plagiarism without police investigation as he realised this is not a prima-facie case of plagiarism but complete plagiarism, an intellectual theft (Kindly refer the order of Chief District Magistrate displayed below).

Order of Chief District Magistrate.

Order of Chief District Magistrate.

Till this date this case is pending in District Court and Ajaypal Nagar is not very optimistic about result of the case because as per his conviction and experience till this date everything can be managed in this country by Gang Kejriwal including First Circle of this country.

Every democratic institution of this country has failed to expose Kejriwal’s lies, conspiracy and sedition against the nation.

Then who is Ajaypal Nagar? Some middle man, Mr. Gautam asked Mr. Nagar to keep mum on behalf of Gang Kejriwal. Not only that Ajaypal Nagar’s publisher is supporting Ajaypal but he is also not very optimistic about the result because institutions like India Today Group, Harper Collins and Kejriwal himself, a Delhi CM is involved in this case.

So, this battle of Ajaypal Nagar is against all odds.

I tweeted about Kejriwal’s plagiarism and Ajaypal tweeted immediately. Till that date he was a stranger for me. He said, ‘you are the first person in this country who recognised my pain.’

In my Part II of this blog, I will write in detail about how Kejriwal lifted matter, paragraphs, pages and lines from Ajaypal Nagar’s book on Thursday 30th January Gandhiji’s death anniversary.


**Important Note**

Dear readers, the long pending expose of Mr. Kejriwal about CD matter (Part II) which I will be taking immediately after writing all three parts of blog on Kejriwal’s plagiarism.

I know my responsibilities towards you but there are certain circumstances and strategies involved in every do’s and don’t’s which I cannot put on twitter. Press-Conferences are not useful to expose Kejriwal and his gang because after any media expose (for e.g Anuranjan Jha’s media sarkar’s expose on India News) Dr. Yogendra Yadav and other gangster’s from Gang Kejriwal will come up with bunch of lies and unthinkable logic.

Gang Kejariwal....

Gang Kejariwal….

They can prove any illogical thing through logic in media.


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8 Responses to Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal

  1. Jennifer Fernandes says:

    Golly this is quite overwhelming information. Am not an AAP admirer/supporter but they have inspired many and if that trust is ill placed it would be a tragedy. On the one hand Congress who have lost the plot (and who I favour), on the other Modi with his PR and platitudes and on the other a faux Kejriwal.

  2. ANNY KOHLI says:

    I knew kejriwal n Co indulgence in various sofesticsted crimes. Let us fight togather to expose this AAM ADAMI PARTY meeted on AAM ADAMI.

  3. Paul says:

    Dear Raju, I am shocked to learn about shameless plagiarism by Kejriwal and thanks for exposing his dark-side again. With every passing day, Kejriwal is turning out to be more menace than any other criminal & corrupt politico. I salute Mr. Ajaypal and hope he wins the fight against shameless plagiarism.

    – Paul

  4. Rajan Raje says:

    An eye-opener revelation!!
    Rajan Raje

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  6. ramohri says:

    This literary ROBBERY by Kejri needs to be circulated all over India – even abroad.

    Frankly, I never considered Kejri a an honest politicians. He is prima facie a slimy charater !



  7. Avi says:

    Since ‘Swaraj’ has been posted online, I’d recommend that ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ be also posted online, so that people can read and compare. This will also give the author publicity. The author can have an option of donation/buy book on the site.

  8. vaibhav says:

    Thanks for sharing this!!

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