Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal – Part 3

Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal

(This book of Arvind Kejriwal is published by Harper Collins in joint venture with India Today Group)

Part 3” – Victory” through Conspiracy by Arvind Kejriwal

In previous two blogs (Part 1 & Part 2)I have presented before you Arvind Kejriwal’s Plagiarism in his book “Swaraj”.  80 % of the matter for ‘Swaraj’ came from Ajaypal Nagar’s book titled ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’.
Few so-called ‘revolutionary blogs’ and ‘Aaptards’ tried to defend Kejriwal with their own logic. There was no logical and rational defence for this criminal conspiracy by Kejriwal.

The story behind this plagiarism is more shattering than you have read in my first two blogs. Ajaypal Nagar is a thinker and writer, born and brought up in backward caste community (Gurjar) without any godfather or leader to back. Ajaypal Nagar has no political inclination which is the most important requirement for any author, thinker and writer.

He always appreciated KANSHIRAMJI for his revolutionary and visionary social thought.


photo courtesy #indiahistorypics photo 1970

Ajaypal Nagar actually wrote his thoughts in parts which were published in ‘Real Magazine’ in 2008, published from Lucknow and available in RNI office. He was inspired by Kanshiramji, a visionary social thinker. Ajaypal Nagar’s book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ is integrated work of these published articles in ‘Real’ Magazine which are directly lifted in ‘SWARAJ’ as it is. Some of the AAP sympathisers from upper-caste lobby argued that some handbook had been published by Kejriwal in 2010 which carries only 40 pages whereas complete book of Ajaypal Nagar was ready in parts and already published in ‘Real Magazine’. (Kindly see the photographs published below from the real magazine.)








(These were series of 12 articles published in Real Magazine by Ajaypal Nagar in 2008. These are sample photos for your reference. For further details kindly contact Ajaypal Nagar.)

So whatever 40 pages Kejriwal has manipulated now on so-called website, backdated 2010 which actually is 20% of ‘SWARAJ’ but even if hypothetically we accept the argument that this website is not manipulated and is real, we cannot and should not defend Arvind Kejriwal’s criminal conspiracy of Plagiarism. After solid evidences and original work, one must think about what exactly went wrong against Ajaypal Nagar and how Arvind Kejriwal benefitted by committing Plagiarism.

Our society and the most important thing is our media represent upper caste and upper class outlook. Media barons from cocktail circles of Delhi never gave any weightage to the argument by poor teacher from Gurjar community and a government servant Ajaypal Nagar in front of IIT, IRS educated upper-class, rich and influential, a conspirator Arvind Kejriwal. No political leader or no media house (very few exceptions) really believed that real Aam Aadmi Ajaypal Nagar is a thinker and Arvind Kejriwal is intellectual bankrupt. These prejudices of Indian media and Indian political leaders paved way for injustice for people like Ajaypal Nagar. ‘Whose who’ of media like Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Rahul Kanwal, Pranoy Roy (nothing personal it’s about system) would never want to establish a Hindi speaking person like Ajaypal Nagar as original thinker and writer and to expose Arvind Kejriwal as criminal plagiarist (except for their showcased program on socio-equality). They are ready to bend themselves and speak Hindi for mighty and powerful Akhilesh Yadav and Raj Thackeray but they do not want to bend themselves for original thinker, writer Aam Aadmi like Nagar as he comes from poor, backward class and is a teacher and nobody’s nobody. Here I want to mention specifically good and bad, upper-caste and liberals are not monopoly of any class or any caste. There is an ounce of good and bad in every community. We should not be biased and sweep them under one roof. Where any Indian system is concerned may be it is political, administrative or judiciary and media subtle and/ or open upper-caste especially Brahminism is very much present and perceptible.

Here I would like to add one very different example which could be controversial with pinch of reality to it. Affluent class and caste, cocktail circles from media, political class and even within BJP circles are against Narendra Modi not because they are pro-Muslims but because Modi is rustic, rough, OBC and unlike St. Stephen graduates. So first circle of BJP lobbyists are trying to prevent him from becoming Prime-Minister and helping all those who are arguing against Modi. All this because Modi is neither blue blood nor belongs to affluent rich caste and class (I neither support Modi nor Rahul)
(Kindly See the screenshot of tweeter published below).


Though, here I named certain people from media this is nothing personal against them. Whoever wants to reach to the top behaves in same secret hypocritical manner in this country. Media always compares Arvind Kejriwal with Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi when it comes to Prime-Ministerial candidature. I ask, why not Mayawati in Kejriwal’s place? She has proved her metal in politics and cannot be compared with Kejriwal. What is Kejriwal’s contribution towards Indian politics? There is no need to put him in to bracket for race of Prime-Ministership.

When we see story of Ajaypal Nagar’s book we should not forget social and political outlook of our society which is inherent. Kejriwal is not only a criminal conspirator in plagiarism but he and his gang wants to change constitution which is a product of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s visionary leadership.

Ajaypal Nagar’s book was actually ready in 2008. He wanted to share it with media and political leaders but nobody has respect for value of equity, equality and originality. Everybody has (with some exceptions) supported criminal conspiracy of Arvind Kejriwal for his book ‘SWARAJ’.  Kejriwal has bunch of spammers, media manipulators, web manipulators who can play with search engines and they have surpassed constitution through SMS polls with media’s whole hearted support! They can manipulate any virtual thing and media and politicians will tell us it is real!

In this world of cruel virtuality, Ajaypal Nagar’s book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ has been robbed by Arvind Kejriwal. My part in this plagiarism story is far from over but still I believe that as a society we would like to crush Ajaypal Nagar and see Arvind Kejriwal victorious.

This is the tragedy of India’s destiny.


Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419

-Important Note-

If by any chance you have missed the Part 1 & the Part 2 of this story kindly click the link mentioned below to read both the parts respectively to read the earlier parts of this story.

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