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Contemporary mainstream media especially electronic media, news channels are grossly neither meant for welfare of the state nor for upliftment of suppressed class.

When we speak about media, the fourth pillar of democracy in general, we should not include huge investment oriented mainstream media which is basically compelled to recover capital then accumulate money, power and more money and more power.

Whatever news or investigative stories comes in between are either money-centric or power-centric directly or indirectly, open or subtle.

In this context, journalist Tanu Sharma’s exploitation per say mentioned in her police-statement is not unique. (Attached below)

Journalist Tanu Sharma’s exploitation per say mentioned in her police-statement.

Journalist Tanu Sharma’s exploitation per say mentioned in her police-statement.

The unique thing is no other mainstream media, including print or electronic media did not even attempt a fair debate on this issue.

Treating women like an object to be used is not new in our hypocrite society. It came in force in news media after 2004-2005. There was a thin line between news media and entertainment medium. That thin line has vanished. Actually, media requires cerebral power, cerebral integrity and cerebral appearance much, much more than sexy hot appearance.

Today, instead eligibility of female anchors and even journalists is influenced by hot and sexy appearance of media (female) personnel. It carries a tremendous Bollywood influence which can be seen in metro cities like Delhi and Northern part of India. Mainstream Electronic News Media today is completely uninfluenced by thinkers, philosophers, ideologue, writers and ever veteran journalists of last decade.

Now, with few exceptions, if you want to run a Hindi or English channel, you need excess liquid assets through whatever means, two-three guys who can pretend that they are almost Chief-Justice of India and at least 40-50 female employees with desirability whom you can call a journalist later on.

Contemporary Electronic News Media stands on pyramid of exploitation. This exploitation is structurally inevitable as I mentioned above and bi-lateral because of weakness and dependence of a person, a journalist. If a person is ready to compromise, this compromise can be fruitful in many materialistic ways but you have to pay by your personal, moral and professional integrity. Initially, any Indian person hesitates and resists to this kind of immoral fabric of media because till this date we learned that media is entirely different from film industry or show business. In film industry or show business, your body carries influence of your personality whereas in field of journalism it is expected that you should be very cerebral and intellectual. Your physical appearance is secondary though important in visual media; applicable for male and female both. This is theoretical but practically electronic media has crossed all thin lines between journalism and show business.

Electronic media is B grade show business. Nobody watches news media in any language all over the country (very few exceptions) for news and in-depth analysis. Through news agencies and social media every person at grass-root level receives news and better in-depth analysis. So what is left for electronic news media to show? Melodrama! High pitch pseudo debates and hot and metro-sexual appearance of male and female anchors!

Here, no cerebral power required. So demand and supply is over.

All news channel compete with each other as a secondary source of entertainment for people to recover their huge capital which is a too difficult a task so, ultimately they compromise in making politicians and corporates happy and fetch money and secondary power from them. In principles of Journalism we are taught that close and intimate relationships between journalists and Politicians and / or corporates makes journalist not a journalist but a different person who will be sycophant of mighty and powerful and exploiters of weak, dependant and suppressed.

In this new evolved system which we call a news channel is in reality not a news channel but entertainment of spectators (with few exceptions) and leisure for politicians and corporates (with few exceptions).

I have seen many female journalist and media persons with moral and cerebral integrity ultimately succumb to the pressure of their exploiter and go in Stockholm syndrome!

Some females and even male journalist do not easily succumb to the pressure of their exploiter so they face the consequences which are very disturbing. If you raise your voice against your exploiter, politician/s, corporate/s the whole media outcasts you without making any statement; silently and cunningly. They leave you to die unsung and unhonoured for your bravery and cerebral moral integrity. Those who try to fight while still in system for media owners they are non-producing burdens so any kind of torture or exploitation for them is a golden rule for todays media. This is true without any exception.

Journalist Tanu Sharma of India TV is not a first case of its kind or it won’t be a last case. She tried to commit suicide which brought her in news on social media where ill-news spreads fast. If we consider the case between India TV and Journalist Tanu Sharma, hypothetically if we agree that India TV owned by Rajat Sharma is 100% right and Journalist Tanu Sharma is 100% wrong then in above mentioned context of news and media channels at least a free and fair debate and fear-free talk on the above case is expected, which is not happening now. The entire media in solidarity for wrong reasons went silent on Journalist Tanu Sharma’s statement against India TV. Here, Mr. Rajat Sharma face of India TV is an owner too is too insensitive unlike Journalist Rajat Sharma.

If common man commits a mistake like any kind of exploitation of woman, if women give statement in writing, then just give it a thought! The media would raise a hue and cry about it and had their own ADALATS and come out with a manifestation that the person involved is guilty and should be hanged. This is not happening when media house is itself in cage of doubt. As per the IPC, experience of any senior journalist a case is already there. So what seems to be the problem? The problem is media! As I wrote earlier, media is no more a media but a group of people with vested interests to accumulate money and secondary power from politicians and corporates. So whatever moral they speak or show is not applicable for them. It’s a white lie without conviction.

If it is anybody else’s story, all visual media houses and their team, day after day, hours after hours would have examined and dissected for ‘poor’ viewers of India. When it comes to just a free and fair debate about matter of suspicion of one of the brotherhood channel, not only that particular  channel is ready for free and fair debate to clear clouds of doubts but all other media houses, channels have maintained a stoic silence on this particular matter.

Today for news and analysis for in-depth story, we do not need news channels, we have social media and international media at one click. If these entertainers those who call themselves as media want to analyse others sins then they should not be allowed because particularly in Journalist Tanu Sharma’s case it is clear from their action that news media in India is a media brotherhood to protect themselves from their own sins and use others imaginative sins for entertainment. This ultimately spoils many lives within and outside media.

This case of journalist Tanu Sharma Vs India TV is just a beginning of an end.

I don’t want to describe whose end it is, because the other side knows it better.


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