Controversy on “Anatomy of Thackeray Family”

Controversy on “Anatomy of Thackeray Family”


 A letter I received yesterday from Grahakhit & Grahakpeth, regarding my article “Anatomy of Thackeray Family” and my reply…

Grahakhit & Grahakpeth’s letter:-

‘Customer is the King’

Central Janata Grahak Sahakari Sangh, Ltd. Pune
Grahak Peth
Co-Op. Departmental Stores,
‘Grahak Bhawan’,
Tilak Road, Pune-30.
Tel: 24471592/24491592

Dr. B. R. Sabade
Ramesh Puntambekar
Suryakant Pathak
Executive Director

Date: 03/11/2015

Respected Raju Parulekar,


             We had requested you for an article on Thackeray Family for ‘Grahakhit’s 2015 Diwali edition, for the section of our magazine called ‘Legacy and Lineage’. Previously, you have contributed articles for ‘Grahakhit’. However, your presence was missed since last two years. Hence, we were eagerly awaiting to read your thoughts on Thackeray Family. You did send us the article as promised.

We have great admiration for your writings. On receipt of your article, we had a meeting and a detailed discussion on your article; we even almost decided to print your article, as you must have received the message from Suryakant Pathak. The layout was done and your article was ready to go in print but yesterday when we saw this article being circulated on what’s app in the midst of current political events, we gave it a thought.

                 Grahakpeth’s premises have been recently renovated and Board of Directors expressed a fear that the article may create a controversy and cause damage to the institutional property. So, we felt it is difficult to include this article in our magazine.

                 Hence, we apologize that we cannot print your article for Diwali 2015 magazine of ‘Grahakhit’. This is a unanimous decision of Board of Directors. We request you not to hold this against us or have misunderstanding regarding the same.

Thank you for your cooperation!

                                                                                          Yours Affectionately,

                                                                                                 Dr. B. R. Sabade
                                                                                           Chairman, Grahakpeth

Let’s take a look at the condition and direction our society is moving to!

Clarification: To eradicate the fear of the editorial team, I informed Grahakpeth and published the article first on my blog, so as to own up to the responsibility.

The Chairman is an 85 years old, grandpa, who wrote this letter. His many years of experience should have encouraged the youth but its instilling fear.



My reply to the above letter :-

Dear Grahakpeth & Grahakhit Board,

After reading your letter, all I can say is, I took the decision of publishing my article on social media when Suryakant Pathak and Neha Vaishampayan refused to answer my calls. It is obvious!

They had no answer as can be seen from the complexity they were facing…

I actually informed Pathak before blogging my article with the intention that Grahakpeth’s “responsibility” and “fear” will be minimized and I would be the one who is responsible and not your newly renovated building!!

I said this to the editor, Mr. Pathak. To print it or not, it’s your right and your call.

I expect the real reason from you and the truth to be known or not.

Keep admiring my writings, though from afar!

Moral: Foundation is enough for the truth to prevail. Structures are built for untruthfulness.

Thanks and Regards

Raju Parulekar


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