10 Responses to Contact

  1. Avinash says:

    Respected Sir, reading your book IDEAS ARE DANGEROUS.
    Page 46
    Page 48
    Page 49 which
    Perfect future of SHIVSENA BJP Alliance which you have written in 2003 AKSHAR DIWALI.
    Really every politician should read this book .

  2. manas says:

    I have had no such interactions with you, some leftos have blocked me on twitter but seeing that you have blocked me was a surprise and somewhat shocking @checkinglies

  3. Amit says:

    Hi Raju, I just corrected one of your tweets with good intention. Why did you block me on twitter?

  4. Amrita Patole says:

    Hello sir,

    There is a spelling mistake in your name in this blog site. Please correct it. Raju Paulekar’s Blog version. It should be Parulekar and not Paulekar. Can you find it? Thank you.

  5. sandip says:

    Raju sir khup chan lihita tumhi….

  6. shanker pai says:

    i have found that respected shri raju parulekar’s interviews were very strong on the contents and the camera was properly focussed with a balance .it was a deep study with a pragmatic approach . THE APPROACH WAS NEVER ACADEMIC but realistic .. THE ENTIRE TEAM DID A GREAT JOB ….HE IS FAR BETTER THAN THE BIG NAMES … IN INTERVIEW TAKING ….
    shanker pai
    founder president

  7. rupali says:

    Dear Raju Parulekar

    I am your great fan. I listened your lecture given at Nasik on books. There you had mentioned about essay power of powerless by vaclav havel which I read. It was really great essay I ever read in my life. You also had talked about ” Red diaries” of some russian author who was soldier. Please inform me his names, correct spelling so I can find it and read it. I am desperate to read that book. I am book lover so I liked that lecture very much. I am great fan of your Sanvaad I still remember many great guests like kamal desai her words ” Tragedy is that which is irreparable ” or Saniya or Girish Karnad etc, or many many others. It was great show really.
    I have read your some books .I liked ideas are dangerous it is great book in that there are various thoughts which are very different and mind blowing. Your chapter on marathi literature is great. your comment on shridhar tilve,s criticism is also interesting.
    I saw your facebook account also and sent you friend request also but anyway the way people pass comments there is horrible. I have decided to read as many books as you suggested there.
    thank you in advance.!!!

    • Thanks Rupali. Please send me message in my messenger. Just Hi. So I can send you a friend request. My limit is full so you Can’t send me request. My no.9820124419. If you find any difficulty please feel free to call me. Thank you so much. Lv & regards. Raju Parulekar

  8. Sunil Chandrakant Mahadeshwar says:

    सर ,संजय राऊत यांच्या विषयी खूपच सुंदर लिहिले आहे .

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