Sedition VS people of Maharashtra

Row over Maharashtra’s new sedition norms – Yahoo News India –

My thoughts-
Unofficially politically Correct!
-Raju parulekar
This government notification is worth rolling up and putting it up the  ass of corrupt bureaucrats and political class of Maharashtra Mantralaya.  Are you convinced Mr. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis that this is an act of sedition? Do you think the common man of Maharashtra is an asshole? Didn’t we just elect you to the post of Chief-Ministership? Do you call that a sedition?

Is this how you repay the common man by screwing their lives and  freedom of speech? You are in power for the next five years.  If you can’t perform for the betterment of people do whatever little you can and move on.

Hereafter, your apologies can be acceptable but trust is denied.

Why don’t you arrest Mr. Ajit Pawar, concerned Engineers, top bureaucrats and Sancheti and gang of other contractors for their well-established dry dam scams? This scam is a biggest act of sedition in the history of Maharahstra which is arrogantly thrust upon us. Isn’t it Mr. Chief-Minister? Isn’t it Mr. Devendra  Fadnavis?
Treat this as a caution. If the ‘seditious notification’ is not withdrawn by Hon. Chief-Minister himself in next 15 days then I will sit for hunger strike in front of the Chief-Minister’s official residence,  Varsha.  I am abroad as of now and will declare the date once I return back.

This is a serious matter concerning fundamental rights of the people and High court order.  Who the hell is Mr. Bakshi to speak on fundamental right of the people? Does Mr. Fadnavisji think that fundamental rights of the people is way below him not to be addressed.

People are not fools to give up their  right to freedom of speech given to us the people of India by Indian Constitution whose architect was Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. It’s one among seven fundamental rights of us Indian citizens. Actually Court has no power or business to interfere in this matter.

The pro-people government can appeal in higher court against High Courts ruling. What’s the need to issue such a notification? We are a sovereign state. The people of India are sovereign so assemblies and Parliaments are representatives of the people and not enemy of the people. They should protect people’s fundamental rights even against courts order because they are representing sovereign state and people of India. This is none is the courts business. This has been decided on 26th January,1950.

PS- Mr. Devendra  Fadnavis was elected as a Chief-Minister through his anti- government statements and campaign since his political career begin. Now in the context of this ‘seditious notification’, the question is what action should we take against Devendra Fadnavis in retrospective effect in accord with his new notification? This is a million dollar question, isn’t it?

(This is an English translation for non Marathi Bureaucrats whom C.M consults)

against Devendra Fadnavis in retrospective effect in accord with his new notification? This is a million dollar question, isn’t it?

(This is an English translation for non Marathi Bureaucrats whom C.M consults)

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                                                   (Underworld rules the World)


Contemporary mainstream media especially electronic media, news channels are grossly neither meant for welfare of the state nor for upliftment of suppressed class.

When we speak about media, the fourth pillar of democracy in general, we should not include huge investment oriented mainstream media which is basically compelled to recover capital then accumulate money, power and more money and more power.

Whatever news or investigative stories comes in between are either money-centric or power-centric directly or indirectly, open or subtle.

In this context, journalist Tanu Sharma’s exploitation per say mentioned in her police-statement is not unique. (Attached below)

Journalist Tanu Sharma’s exploitation per say mentioned in her police-statement.

Journalist Tanu Sharma’s exploitation per say mentioned in her police-statement.

The unique thing is no other mainstream media, including print or electronic media did not even attempt a fair debate on this issue.

Treating women like an object to be used is not new in our hypocrite society. It came in force in news media after 2004-2005. There was a thin line between news media and entertainment medium. That thin line has vanished. Actually, media requires cerebral power, cerebral integrity and cerebral appearance much, much more than sexy hot appearance.

Today, instead eligibility of female anchors and even journalists is influenced by hot and sexy appearance of media (female) personnel. It carries a tremendous Bollywood influence which can be seen in metro cities like Delhi and Northern part of India. Mainstream Electronic News Media today is completely uninfluenced by thinkers, philosophers, ideologue, writers and ever veteran journalists of last decade.

Now, with few exceptions, if you want to run a Hindi or English channel, you need excess liquid assets through whatever means, two-three guys who can pretend that they are almost Chief-Justice of India and at least 40-50 female employees with desirability whom you can call a journalist later on.

Contemporary Electronic News Media stands on pyramid of exploitation. This exploitation is structurally inevitable as I mentioned above and bi-lateral because of weakness and dependence of a person, a journalist. If a person is ready to compromise, this compromise can be fruitful in many materialistic ways but you have to pay by your personal, moral and professional integrity. Initially, any Indian person hesitates and resists to this kind of immoral fabric of media because till this date we learned that media is entirely different from film industry or show business. In film industry or show business, your body carries influence of your personality whereas in field of journalism it is expected that you should be very cerebral and intellectual. Your physical appearance is secondary though important in visual media; applicable for male and female both. This is theoretical but practically electronic media has crossed all thin lines between journalism and show business.

Electronic media is B grade show business. Nobody watches news media in any language all over the country (very few exceptions) for news and in-depth analysis. Through news agencies and social media every person at grass-root level receives news and better in-depth analysis. So what is left for electronic news media to show? Melodrama! High pitch pseudo debates and hot and metro-sexual appearance of male and female anchors!

Here, no cerebral power required. So demand and supply is over.

All news channel compete with each other as a secondary source of entertainment for people to recover their huge capital which is a too difficult a task so, ultimately they compromise in making politicians and corporates happy and fetch money and secondary power from them. In principles of Journalism we are taught that close and intimate relationships between journalists and Politicians and / or corporates makes journalist not a journalist but a different person who will be sycophant of mighty and powerful and exploiters of weak, dependant and suppressed.

In this new evolved system which we call a news channel is in reality not a news channel but entertainment of spectators (with few exceptions) and leisure for politicians and corporates (with few exceptions).

I have seen many female journalist and media persons with moral and cerebral integrity ultimately succumb to the pressure of their exploiter and go in Stockholm syndrome!

Some females and even male journalist do not easily succumb to the pressure of their exploiter so they face the consequences which are very disturbing. If you raise your voice against your exploiter, politician/s, corporate/s the whole media outcasts you without making any statement; silently and cunningly. They leave you to die unsung and unhonoured for your bravery and cerebral moral integrity. Those who try to fight while still in system for media owners they are non-producing burdens so any kind of torture or exploitation for them is a golden rule for todays media. This is true without any exception.

Journalist Tanu Sharma of India TV is not a first case of its kind or it won’t be a last case. She tried to commit suicide which brought her in news on social media where ill-news spreads fast. If we consider the case between India TV and Journalist Tanu Sharma, hypothetically if we agree that India TV owned by Rajat Sharma is 100% right and Journalist Tanu Sharma is 100% wrong then in above mentioned context of news and media channels at least a free and fair debate and fear-free talk on the above case is expected, which is not happening now. The entire media in solidarity for wrong reasons went silent on Journalist Tanu Sharma’s statement against India TV. Here, Mr. Rajat Sharma face of India TV is an owner too is too insensitive unlike Journalist Rajat Sharma.

If common man commits a mistake like any kind of exploitation of woman, if women give statement in writing, then just give it a thought! The media would raise a hue and cry about it and had their own ADALATS and come out with a manifestation that the person involved is guilty and should be hanged. This is not happening when media house is itself in cage of doubt. As per the IPC, experience of any senior journalist a case is already there. So what seems to be the problem? The problem is media! As I wrote earlier, media is no more a media but a group of people with vested interests to accumulate money and secondary power from politicians and corporates. So whatever moral they speak or show is not applicable for them. It’s a white lie without conviction.

If it is anybody else’s story, all visual media houses and their team, day after day, hours after hours would have examined and dissected for ‘poor’ viewers of India. When it comes to just a free and fair debate about matter of suspicion of one of the brotherhood channel, not only that particular  channel is ready for free and fair debate to clear clouds of doubts but all other media houses, channels have maintained a stoic silence on this particular matter.

Today for news and analysis for in-depth story, we do not need news channels, we have social media and international media at one click. If these entertainers those who call themselves as media want to analyse others sins then they should not be allowed because particularly in Journalist Tanu Sharma’s case it is clear from their action that news media in India is a media brotherhood to protect themselves from their own sins and use others imaginative sins for entertainment. This ultimately spoils many lives within and outside media.

This case of journalist Tanu Sharma Vs India TV is just a beginning of an end.

I don’t want to describe whose end it is, because the other side knows it better.


Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419

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Following pages describe and expose a hidden conspiracy between RULING PARTY, GANG KEJRIWAL and MEDIA.

Gang Kejriwal formed an organization named Kabir and is acquiring foreign funding since 2005. Documentary evidences prove this fact. Kabir used those foreign funds for political purpose which is serious violation of FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation ACT). Kabir used foreign funding for media initiative as well. They almost bought most of the air time and print media through foreign funding. They called it as ‘MEDIA INITIATIVE FOR RTI’. Consistent appearance of Kejriwal and Gang kejriwal on television was actually born out of Kabir and Media partnership, which is one more serious FCRA violation.

From initial stages of Kabir, Parivartan (or any other Gang Kejriwal’s NGO), Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs was very lenient and soft as if they were partners in this conspiracy. At the height of it Government filed completely false affidavit in Delhi High Court (given below). This is exact contradictory to Kabir (Inspection of foreign contribution record’ (given below).

No government agency or opposition party or any person/organization is keen to take serious legal action against this biggest scam since independence by Kejriwal and his gang. In fact RULING PARTY misguided High Court in their affidavit to give Gang Kejriwal a safe passage from sedition.

Here our team member BIRBAL has contacted Ford Foundation and tried to trace the missing account books of Kabir Foundation for 2005-2007 (Though it is recorded elsewhere, we have solid documentary evidences). Ford Foundations answers were unsatisfactory and they too tried to carpet skeletons of Gang Kejriwal’s cupboard. The entire correspondence with Ford Foundation is given below. BIRBAL’S identity is under wraps hence the correspondents name doesn’t appear.

The whole jigsaw puzzle of Kejriwal’s conspiracy against people of India is conspired with cooperation of ruling party and part of ruling media. Now it is crystal clear that even opposition parties are not keen or interested in exploring the biggest anti-national scam of Gang Kejriwal.

The question arises WHY?


I will come back to you with more very soon.


Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419


1. Government Of India filed a wrong affidavit in the high court saying that the status report filed by the respondent i.e. Ministry of Home Affairs has given clean chit to Kabir in its involvement regarding any political agitation where as the point 25 clearly shows that Kabir was involved in political agitation.Congress led UPA government has the history of filing wrong affidavits. In the coal scam the Additional Solicitor-General Harin Raval had to resign for misleading the Supreme Court.

2. This political agitation was used to further world bank and ford foundation’s version of RTI act against the suggestion of the the  Indian president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

3. This political agitation wages to fight against the sate as Kabir was being funded by Ford Foundation then.

4. Mysteriously the Home Ministry report stops short of giving any details of Kabir’s activities in 2011 for which the actual petition was filed.The report also doesn’t mention Ford’s name anywhere.

Are some people in the government conspiring with Gang Kejariwal’s Anti National Agenda ?

1) Snapshot of the Affidavit filled by the Government of India

Page 2


For complete Affidavit kindly click the link given below

2) Snapshot of the Inspection of Foreign Contribution Records pertaining to an NGO Kabir.

Page 1

For complete Report kindly click the link given below..
(PLS see page no 10 for the above point no 25)
Inspection of Foreign Contribution Records pertaining to an NGO KABIR (2005-06 to 2011-2012)’

3) What FCRA has to say about Gang Kejariwal’s Actions which was not at all considered in GOI’s Affidavit.

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6


4) Correspondence and the Response from the Ford Foundation 


From:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:16 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Response from the Ford Foundation
Cc: “Ramdas, Kavita” <>,

Dear Alfred,

Thank you for showing interest.

As you’d know an Indian Supreme Court advocate Mr. ML Sharma has filed a PIL against the Ford Foundation in the Delhi High Court. The respondent has alleged foundation for promoting its charter via political agitation under the garb of public agitation namely Lokpal bill & others in India. The other respondents are Shashi Bhooshan, Shanti Bhooshan, Arvind kejriwal and Manish Sisodia(all of them members of Aam Aadmi Party) along with the Union Of India.   So please help me with following questions by specifically mentioning the details so that I can quote both the sides in my story:

1. In her reply Kavita has mentioned that first grant made to Kabir was in 2007 for $197,000 where as the website record shows a grant even two years back in 2005. Link(to you own records) : . What do you have to say about this?

2. All the records concerning Kabir, run by Manish Sisodia have been removed from the foundation’s website post 2005 where as there have been multiple instances of funding in 2005-06, 2006-07, 2008-09 ( website last accessed 19:36 IST 07/01/2014) (source : Kabir’s FCRA submission). Why has the foundation chosen to remove the records which were previously available? Why isn’t it available for public scrutiny?

3. How can be an organization of your integrity mistake and put records on the website without even making the funding? (for the 2011 funding which was taken back)

4. When, why and how was Kabir chosen for the grants? What was foundation’s vision in enabling a media campaign for Right to Information Act in India? Also, what did Kabir mean when they said enabling a media campaign? Did it include paying electronic media organizations?

5. In her response Kavita has mentioned ‘efforts were carried out satisfactorily and the grant was closed on schedule.’ What do you mean by ‘satisfactorily’? What are the parameters to decide it? Kabir’s audit report shows that lot of their funds went underutilized and were carried forward for the next fiscal year. Are you aware of that?

6.  Kabir was fully involved in the Janlokpal movement. Given that your funds went underutilized and most of the times carried forward , do you suspect that your funds could’ve been used for the movement? If yes, do you know that you can be prosecuted under FCRA,2011,India?

7. The petitioner ML Sharma has also cited various works establishing Foundation’s link with Central Intelligency Agency, USA. What do you have to say about it? Also James Petras has written a book ‘The Ford Foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police’, what is the official stance of foundation on this text?

Answers to these questions will certainly help me validate or discard various conjectures about the foundation. The nature of the story calls for such specific details. Please let me know if you received the mail and also a replying date. Accordingly, I’ll let my editor know my story submission date.

Thanks and regards
On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 5:38 PM, Sunder, Tuhina <> wrote:

Dear xxxxxxxxx,


Thank you for your telephone call a short while ago requesting a meeting with Kavita.  I am sure you would have received the email from Alfred Ironside to you.  If not, I am forwarding it with this email – please see below.


With best wishes, Tuhina


                 Tuhina Sunder

Executive Assistant

Representative’s Office

India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

55, Lodi Estate

New Delhi 110 003 India

t: +91 11 47105350

f: +91 11 47105390




From: Ramdas, Kavita
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 5:33 PM
To: Sunder, Tuhina
Subject: FW: Response from the Ford Foundation





Kavita N. Ramdas

Representative, India/Nepal/Sri Lanka

The Ford Foundation

55 Lodi Estate

New Delhi 110003

O: +91 11 4710 5350

F: +91 11 4710 5380

C: +1 415 987 7640 (US cell)


And the sunset itself on such waves of ether
That I just can’t comprehend
Whether it is the end of the day, the end of the world,
Or the mystery of mysteries in me again.”
― Anna Akhmatova


From: Ironside, Alfred
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 11:51 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Cinelli, Joshua; Ramdas, Kavita
Subject: Re: Response from the Ford Foundation


Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx,


Thanks again for reaching out to the foundation.  Kavita has shared your inquiries and I would like to see how we can be helpful to your reporting beyond what Kavita has already set forward in her message to you earlier today.  I know Kavita’s schedule will not afford an opportunity for a meeting, but perhaps we can help with any further questions you have.


Please let me know what specific issues you’d like to explore further.  I’m sure this approach will be best in terms of helping you meet your deadlines.


Thanks and regards,



Alfred Ironside

Director of Communications

Ford Foundation / New York

(+1) 212 573-5308



From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: January 6, 2014 at 5:26:47 PM GMT+5:30
To: “Ramdas, Kavita” <>
Subject: Re: Response from the Ford Foundation

Thank you so much Kavita. I am much obliged. Please give me an appointment in person to discuss some specific issues further. I am already late on filing my article. Can we please meet tomorrow?




On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Ramdas, Kavita <> wrote:

Dear xxxxxxxxx,


Thank you for reaching out to the foundation. We are pleased to have an opportunity to offer a straightforward clarification of our grantmaking to Kabir.

The foundation’s first grant to Kabir was made in 2007 and was for $197,000 over three years.  The grant supported the organization’s efforts to produce training materials on India’s Right-to-Information law, to disseminate information about the effective use of the law, and to help promote transparent and accountable governance.  These efforts were carried out satisfactorily and the grant was closed on schedule.

In 2010, the foundation reviewed a new grant proposal from Kabir for similar activities. We approved this second grant in February, 2011.  However, Kabir notified the foundation in September 2011 that it was not capable of carrying out the planned activities due to an emerging campaign to mobilize the public around anti-corruption efforts.  Based on this information from Kabir and the foundation’s own fiscal year schedule, the foundation amicably rescinded its second grant in February 2012, against which no funds had ever been distributed.  The rescinded and unpaid grant was then removed from our web site.


The Ford Foundation is an independent, non-partisan, and global organization with a 60-year history of supporting both Government and NGO efforts in India.  Our first grant to the national Planning Commission was made in the 1950s, and over the years many key Indian institutions such as the IIMs and IITs have been grant recipients, as have key cultural organizations, NGOs, and think tanks.  Our work in India — just as in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, and the many other countries in which we work — is committed to supporting civil society, government and the private sector to build more inclusive and just communities.  Our grants in India are driven by indigenous Indian priorities and the efforts and aspirations of Indian institutions and organizations.


Thanks again for the opportunity to correct the record regarding our support for Kabir, which ended in 2010 and was devoted to its public education work on freedom of information.







Kavita N. Ramdas

Representative, India/Nepal/Sri Lanka

The Ford Foundation

55 Lodi Estate

New Delhi 110003

O: +91 11 4710 5350

F: +91 11 4710 5380

C: +1 415 987 7640 (US cell)


And the sunset itself on such waves of ether
That I just can’t comprehend
Whether it is the end of the day, the end of the world,
Or the mystery of mysteries in me again.”
― Anna Akhmatova




From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 4:48 PM
To: Sunder, Tuhina
Subject: Re: Seeking a Meeting


My story is about the funding of Janlokpal movement . Among the many allegations made on Kabir, run by Manish Sisodia,  is the funding made by Ford Foundation to the organization in 2011, the year when the anti graft movement started. There have been allegations that Foundation’s money was used in stirring the agitation. So I seek an official statement regarding Ford’s involvement with Kabir. I write to you also because the foundation has also removed all the records concerning Kabir from the website. So, please give me an appointment to clarify some of the facts.




On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 4:36 PM, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Tuhina

I work for the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Currently I am doing a story which also involves the Ford Foundation. So I seek Foundation’s official stance on the same story. For the same purpose Kavitha N Ramdas has asked me to get in touch with you as she is in Pakistan. Please give me sometime in the next few days as I am already running short on filing the story.


Thanks and regards

Ford Correspondence





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Conspiracy Unfolds ; Kejriwal & others (Shocking Revelations)

Conspiracy Unfolds ; Kejriwal & others 
(Shocking revelations of Truth
‘2nd Independence Movement’)

Strenuously researched and written by Birbal ; my colleague and friend…..


Hi Friends,

The story mentioned below depicts almost complete picture of anti-national Gang Kejriwal’s conspiracy, their sympathisers, media partners, crony capitalists and aides.

We don’t want to reveal his identity at this point because he (Birbal) and many others are involved in another mission of this kind.

I will come back to you with more very soon.


Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419

** Related Links & Evidences are given below this article.
Please click the links accordingly for details.**


Conspiracy Unfolds ; Kejriwal & others 
(Shocking revelations of truth behind ‘2nd Independence Movement’)

Strenuously researched and written by Birbal ; my colleague and friend…..

The case of False Affidavit:

Why is the Government of India trying to protect the NGO Kabir and its media initiative enabled through foreign funding?

On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 the Government of India misled its own judiciary. In an attempt to dupe its own institution, the centre had conceded before the Delhi High Court that it found nothing to warrant a criminal investigation in its inquiry into utilization of foreign funds by a few NGOs affiliated to anti-graft activist Anna Hazare’s civil society organization.’ (Network, 2013) This case was subsequently quashed by the high court believing the centre’s testimony. But the documents which are in possession of this reporter will show how justice was manipulated and then internalized by country’s own government.

In the matter of Advocate Manohar Lal Sharma versus the Union Of India, Central Bureau Of Investigation, Ford Foundation and Kisan Baburao Hazare, the counsels of GOI wrongly informed the court that the Ministry of Home Affairs has given a clean chit to NGO KABIR for its involvement in any political activity.  The actual report ‘Inspection of Foreign Contribution Records pertaining to an NGO KABIR (2005-06 to 2011-2012)’by the Controller of Accounts, MHA, New Delhi mentions in bold that “Involvement in Political Activities: As per the minutes of the meeting dated 24 Nov. 2006 of the association, KABIR has played an active role in the Jantar Mantar agitation held under the leadership of Mr.Anna Hazare in the year 2006.” (pls. see  point no. 25,page 10 of the report attached with this post) This is in violation to the constitution of India which does not allow any foreign sponsored agitation for any kind of object. It is an amount of wage war only which is liable to be further investigated for further prosecution in accordance of law.

KABIR or ‘Karmyogi Association for Bringing Indian Regeneration’ is an NGO run by Arvind Kejriwal and managed by his key aide Manish Sisodia. According to the president of this organization, this NGO has both national as well as international members. It was registered in the year 1999 under the ‘SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1860’ with the registrar of societies Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi. Less is known about its operations untill 15th August 2005 when it officially started furthering the cause of Right to Information Act of India, 2005.  In an answer to a RTI petition filed by the website Beyond Headlines in 2009 , KABIR revealed that they had received funds from the Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s Friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nationals Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

Among the many allegations made on KABIR is the funding made by Ford Foundation to the organization in the year 2011 when the Janlokpal movement started. According to various news paper reports and KABIR’s own testimony, it participated actively in the Janlokpal movement. The Foreign Control Regulation Act of India, 2010 prohibits any foreign funding to Indian political organization or the organizations with political nature. The law states that the following persons are prohibited from accepting any kind of foreign contribution:

(a) Candidate for election;

(b) Correspondent, columnist, cartoonist, editor, owner, printer or publisher of a registered newspaper;

(c) Judge, government servant or employee of any entity controlled or owned by the government;

(d) Member of any Legislature;

(e) Political party or its office bearers;

(f) Organisations of a political nature as may be specified;

(g) Associations or company engaged in the production or broadcast of audio news or audiovisual news or current affairs programmes through any electronic mode or form or any other mode of mass communication;

(h) Correspondent or columnist, cartoonist, editor, owner of the association or company referred to in (g) above.

When Kavitha N Ramdas, the present Indian representative of Ford Foundation was reached for an official comment she replied, “In 2010, the foundation reviewed a new grant proposal from KABIR for similar activities. We approved this second grant in February, 2011. However, KABIR notified the foundation in September 2011 that it was not capable of carrying out the planned activities due to an emerging campaign to mobilize the public around anti-corruption efforts. Based on this information from KABIR and the foundation’s own fiscal year schedule, the foundation amicably rescinded its second grant in February 2012, against which no funds had ever been distributed. The rescinded and unpaid grant was then removed from our web site.” She also thanked the writer for bringing this correction to foundation’s notice. When a more detailed answer was sought, the director of Communications, Ford Foundation, Newyork, took on the matter further. He is yet to reply with the details.

On foundation’s association with KABIR, she said, “The foundation’s first grant to KABIR was made in 2007 and was for $197,000 over three years. The grant supported the organization’s efforts to produce training materials on India’s Right-to-Information law, to disseminate information about the effective use of the law, and to help promote transparent and accountable governance. These efforts were carried out satisfactorily and the grant was closed on schedule.”

In her reply Mrs. Ramdas forgot to add the grant made to KABIR in the year 2005, for enabling a ‘media initiative’ to popularize the right to information act, 2005.

But it is very well documented in the foundation’s annual report of the year 2005-06 attached with this post. The president of KABIR has candidly or rather unknowingly confirmed the use of this grant in tying up with various media houses of the country. It is very surprising to see that the Home Ministry provided this NGO with a FCRA license even when the foreign funding to the Indian media is strictly banned under FCRA, 2010.

KABIR’s Annual Report of 2006-07 reveals that it started two media campaigns called Drive against Bribe (Ghoons ko Ghoonsa) and ‘Save the RTI campaign’ from the money given to it by the Ford Foundation:

The Drive Against Bribe Campaign (1st July to 15th July 2006)

Kabir in partnership with one of the highest TRP rated news channels NDTV, newspapers like Hindustan Times, Hindustan (Hindi) and The Hindu started planning for a campaign to promote the use of the RTI Act, 2005 amongst the masses. At the same time the print media at the regional level also joined the campaign. Consequently, 8 media houses publicized right to information in their news dailies and news channels. They are  The Successes received from the use of Right to Information were being telecast in the form of advertisements and news stories on various news channels from the first week of June itself. Kabir not only collected such success stories but also coordinated their reporting on various print and electronic media. (From Kabir’s Annual Report 2006-07)

Save the RTI campaign

“The Drive Against Bribe Campaign was still in its follow up stage and the success stories were still being recorded when the Cabinet gave a green signal to the amendments in the RTI Act, 2005. Kabir and Parivartan sensitized and mobilized both the conventional and the unconventional media across the country and called for a press conference in which Annaji announced that many more protest meetings and briefings will be organized on the issue. In the

mean time protest demonstrations against the amendments began at Jantar Matar in Delhi. Kabir actively participated in the protest activities along with organizations like NCPRI, Parivartan and MKSS. (political agitation mentioned in the Home Ministry Report) Kabir zealously collected successful examples of RTI Act implementations and disseminated them to the masses through various media to explain that such achievements would not be possible if these amendments were implemented.” (from Kabir’s Annual Report 2006-07)

The nature of these media partnerships remains unclear because Kabir has lost its cashbook for the same period 2006-08. The MHA has reported in its investigation reports that ‘Cash Books w.e.f 2006-08 is not available with the association. As per statement of Mr. Manish Sisodia, the cashbook has been lost somewhere due to shifting of office. It is again questionable that vital documents like the cashbook have been lost. From the perusal of details in the years when the cashbook was maintained i.e 2008-09 to till date, it has been observed that most of the expenditure has been incurred in cash. In the absence of cashbook, the genuineness of the expenditure can’t be ascertained.’ (Home Ministry report, point no. 11, page 8 of 14) When some of the associated media organizations were reached for a comment, they chose not to respond.

RTI and ‘The Foreign Hand (From The Right to Information Act in India: The Turbid World of Transparency Reforms, A thesis submitted to the Department of International Development of the London School of Economics and Political Science for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, by Prashant Sharma)

“An issue that arose consistently in the critiques of the mainstream narrative of the RTI movement is the resources needed to finance such campaigns. The Ministry of Home Affairs also constituted an Inter-Ministerial Task Force to develop a draft bill on the right to information, which was also tasked inter alia to conduct a survey of the ‘foreign experience’. “It was a Joint Secretary level committee, only officials and non political figures. That committee went to a few countries and thereafter it gave its report in two volumes. Somehow that report came into my hands, one volume only, and I requested the Home Ministry to give me the other volume, and give me the files on which this committee was constituted, the recommendations they made, and what was the decision of the Home Ministry on those recommendations. They said they have no papers on the subject. I didn’t get anything except one volume, in which they only had copies of the legislations which they had collected from other countries.” Whether the ‘disappearance’ of the second volume was by design or simply a result of poor record management, the familiar trope of the political executive being stymied by the bureaucracy reappears here. “In conversations many years later, V.P.Singh revealed that though he had tried to get a suitable act drafted and introduced in Parliament, the bureaucracy had frustrated him at every step”. Eventually, V.P. Singh’s abilities to outmaneuver the bureaucracy on this issue remained untested, as his government did not last long enough.”

“In sum, the existing explanatory narrative around the RTI Act in India proposes that the Indian experience is particularly noteworthy as not only can its roots be traced to the dusty weather-beaten paths of rural India, but also because the process was divorced from any perceptible international influences or trends. It is this defining characteristic of the Indian ‘struggle’ for an RTI Act that accords it an almost mythical status within FoI-related advocacy, academic and activist spheres. Top-down, elite-led, externally influenced democratic ‘deepening’ after all, presents a far less attractive image compared to a bottom-up local struggle that succeeds in wresting power from above.”

This particular version of the ‘truth’ calls out for deeper examination, not least because of the timing of the enactment of the RTI Act in India. In 1990, only fourteen countries had some sort of a law that provided citizens with a formal and legal procedure to access government information. In 2010, this number stood at eighty four.441 In addition, another fifty countries seem to be on their way to enacting such legislation.442 Some international organisations, including the World Bank, have of late begun to draft disclosure policies somewhat on thelines of national FoI laws. Clearly, there seems to be a well-established global trend of adopting national (and international) FoI legislation and policies across the world, particularly over the last two decades.

An early clue in this direction can be discerned in the enactment of state level FoI laws in India that preceded the national FoI Act of 2002 and the RTI Act of 2005. The specific case relates to the southern state of Karnataka. “[The CHRI] had a major role to play in Karnataka, where there was no people’s movement for RTI, but ADB [Asian Development Bank] was giving a loan, and they said, ‘conditionality’ – have an RTI law. So B.K. Chandrashekhar who was the Information Minister, he knew CHRI was working [on this issue], and he called [them] over, and they sat and drafted the law, not a terribly good law, but definitely not as bad as the Tamil Nadu one.” As a result, the Karnataka Right to Information Act was enacted in 2000. Soon after, in 2001, the President of the Asian Development Bank recommended the grant of a loan of USD 200 million for “infrastructure projects in specified infrastructure sectors in four selected Indian states: Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh”

A similar logic also played out at the national level, albeit in less obvious ways. An important element that informs the allocation of World Bank funds (lent at preferential rates for low- income countries) under its International Development Association (IDA) programme is based on its Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) framework. The CPIA rating for India in 2003 included a section on “Transparency, Accountability and Corruption in the Public Sector” where it stated that “Corruption remains a significant problem. India ranked 71 out of 102 in the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions index… With the passage of the Freedom of Information legislation in March 2003 [sic], the GoI has followed in the path of some leading states and taken a significant step forward in improving the legal framework for transparency and this increase in rating reflects that… The effective implementation of this act will remain a major challenge in the next several years…”501 With rewards such as ‘increased ratings’ in the CPIA framework on offer, it comes as no surprise that the Ministry of Finance sent several missives to the DoPT seeking its input on the status of the implementation of the FoI Act to be able to respond to the assessment exercise of the World Bank.

“I think perhaps around 30%-40% of the contribution for bringing the Act was the World Bank and the international community’s pressure on the government, which most of us normally don’t like to acknowledge. My own perception is that the Prime Minister of India unfortunately is fairly influenced by these factors. The World Bank and various international organisations were pressing to get in more transparency, less corruption. This is part of a worldwide agenda they have – they want to do business, they want these as essentials.” (for more read the thesis attached with this post)

In such a scenario Kabir’s activities related to the right to information act of India is heavily objectionable. Its Save the RTI campaign challenged the advice of the then president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Incidentally, while giving his approval to the RTI Act in June 2005, President APJ Abdul Kalam, had emphasised that notings by bureaucrats on files should be privileged, otherwise it could affect the decision-making process. The logic being that the senior bureaucrats would be more interested in covering their backs rather than being forthright. In a communication to the Prime Minister, he had also suggested that the Act should not have a purview over communications between the Head of State and the Head of Government and that the documents emanating from the President’s secretariat were not not brought within the ambit of the Act. Accordingly, in December 2005 (only a month after the RTI Act came into force), Prime Minister Manmohan Singh instructed the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) that ‘file notings’ relating to identifiable individuals, group of individuals, organizations, appointments, matters relating to inquiries and departmental proceedings, should not be disclosed.

Similar objection were raised by the then Parliamentary Affairs Minister Priyaranjan Dasmunsi , “The Union Cabinet has decided to amend the RTI Act to correct “certain ambiguities” and it is based of the objections raised by some government organisations such as UPSC who had objected that while decisions taken could be conveyed, the details and the process as to how the decisions were arrived at could not be: “Decisions can be conveyed, not in terms of details about what the Under Secretary or Joint Secretary wrote or what the Secretary disapproved.” The minister had also claimed that such exemptions also exist in the systems followed by the US, UK and Australia as well.”

Effectively, KABIR’s campaign voiced against the proposed amendments in the RTI campaign which is a democratic right in this country. But it also enabled a media campaign in the country where it severely criticized its own government and democratic institutions using the foreign funding from an organization who is suspected to have links with the CIA. (Please refer to The Ford Foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police by James Petras 15 December 2001) When this reporter sought a comment from the Ford Foundation for its suspected links with CIA, it’s Director of Communication, Newyork never responded back.

During the ‘Save the RTI’ media campaign a series of editorials were written across the newspapers in the country supporting Kabir’s stand on file notings in the RTI act. Kabir’s president says these editorials were written by its in house media team which was passed on the media houses. For a full list of editorials written on the RTI campaign please visit While nothing can be proved in absence of cashbook for the same period, a detailed inquiry is a must sought to justify the intentions of these articles.

NDTV’s partnership with Kabir deserves a special mention. Starting with KABIR in 2006, they were involved in all its media campaigns. They also announced National RTI Awards in association with Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF), an organization set up by Magsaysay awardee Arvind Kejriwal to acknowledge those who have displayed exemplary commitment to RTI Act. In 2011, NDTV went on to give Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare the Indian of the year award.

Similarly a host of newspapers also borrowed news from Kabir, remembers an old time associate of Kejriwal. “He [Arvind Kejriwal] was directly involved with editors and proprietors of these newspapers. After the media campaign, members from Kabir became regular at newspaper offices. Specific RTI beats were created within newspapers which are now filing 30 RTI applications in a single day, less is known about the petitions which don’t make it to the newspapers.” This member was once part of Arvind Kejriwal’s movement Parivartan but he left the group in 2004 on the issue of foreign funding from the Ford Foundation. Parivartan then had a rule that no outside institutional funding will be accepted by the organization.

The Home Ministry report also notes that amount of Rs. 17,68,261/- has been paid to different RTI activists throughout the country between the years 2008 to 2011-12. However, no agreements between the individuals and association were made available to the inspection party. (Home Ministry Report, Point no. 8, page 8 of 14)

Less is known about centre’s motivation to rid KABIR of serious charges reported by the home ministry investigation. But the report itself falls short of mentioning anything about the organizations working during the Janlokpal movement, for which the inquiry was sought by the petitioner. There are also no references about Ford Foundation in the report. With just a month before the election, who is it that the Indian government trying to save?

What is it trying to save? – KABIR, Ford Foundation, its own media or the false sense of democracy in the country.

Please click the links mentioned below accordingly for details….

1 ) Inspection of Foreign Contribution Records pertaining to an NGO KABIR (2005-06 to 2011-2012)’
2) Kabir – Annual Report 2006-07
3) kabir – registration certificate
4) The Right to Information Act in India and The Turbid World of Transparency Reforms By Prashant Sharma



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Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal – Complete Coverage

Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal – Complete Coverage


Kindly click the links mentioned below to read the complete coverage.

Part 1

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Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal – Part 3

Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal

(This book of Arvind Kejriwal is published by Harper Collins in joint venture with India Today Group)

Part 3” – Victory” through Conspiracy by Arvind Kejriwal

In previous two blogs (Part 1 & Part 2)I have presented before you Arvind Kejriwal’s Plagiarism in his book “Swaraj”.  80 % of the matter for ‘Swaraj’ came from Ajaypal Nagar’s book titled ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’.
Few so-called ‘revolutionary blogs’ and ‘Aaptards’ tried to defend Kejriwal with their own logic. There was no logical and rational defence for this criminal conspiracy by Kejriwal.

The story behind this plagiarism is more shattering than you have read in my first two blogs. Ajaypal Nagar is a thinker and writer, born and brought up in backward caste community (Gurjar) without any godfather or leader to back. Ajaypal Nagar has no political inclination which is the most important requirement for any author, thinker and writer.

He always appreciated KANSHIRAMJI for his revolutionary and visionary social thought.


photo courtesy #indiahistorypics photo 1970

Ajaypal Nagar actually wrote his thoughts in parts which were published in ‘Real Magazine’ in 2008, published from Lucknow and available in RNI office. He was inspired by Kanshiramji, a visionary social thinker. Ajaypal Nagar’s book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ is integrated work of these published articles in ‘Real’ Magazine which are directly lifted in ‘SWARAJ’ as it is. Some of the AAP sympathisers from upper-caste lobby argued that some handbook had been published by Kejriwal in 2010 which carries only 40 pages whereas complete book of Ajaypal Nagar was ready in parts and already published in ‘Real Magazine’. (Kindly see the photographs published below from the real magazine.)








(These were series of 12 articles published in Real Magazine by Ajaypal Nagar in 2008. These are sample photos for your reference. For further details kindly contact Ajaypal Nagar.)

So whatever 40 pages Kejriwal has manipulated now on so-called website, backdated 2010 which actually is 20% of ‘SWARAJ’ but even if hypothetically we accept the argument that this website is not manipulated and is real, we cannot and should not defend Arvind Kejriwal’s criminal conspiracy of Plagiarism. After solid evidences and original work, one must think about what exactly went wrong against Ajaypal Nagar and how Arvind Kejriwal benefitted by committing Plagiarism.

Our society and the most important thing is our media represent upper caste and upper class outlook. Media barons from cocktail circles of Delhi never gave any weightage to the argument by poor teacher from Gurjar community and a government servant Ajaypal Nagar in front of IIT, IRS educated upper-class, rich and influential, a conspirator Arvind Kejriwal. No political leader or no media house (very few exceptions) really believed that real Aam Aadmi Ajaypal Nagar is a thinker and Arvind Kejriwal is intellectual bankrupt. These prejudices of Indian media and Indian political leaders paved way for injustice for people like Ajaypal Nagar. ‘Whose who’ of media like Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt, Rahul Kanwal, Pranoy Roy (nothing personal it’s about system) would never want to establish a Hindi speaking person like Ajaypal Nagar as original thinker and writer and to expose Arvind Kejriwal as criminal plagiarist (except for their showcased program on socio-equality). They are ready to bend themselves and speak Hindi for mighty and powerful Akhilesh Yadav and Raj Thackeray but they do not want to bend themselves for original thinker, writer Aam Aadmi like Nagar as he comes from poor, backward class and is a teacher and nobody’s nobody. Here I want to mention specifically good and bad, upper-caste and liberals are not monopoly of any class or any caste. There is an ounce of good and bad in every community. We should not be biased and sweep them under one roof. Where any Indian system is concerned may be it is political, administrative or judiciary and media subtle and/ or open upper-caste especially Brahminism is very much present and perceptible.

Here I would like to add one very different example which could be controversial with pinch of reality to it. Affluent class and caste, cocktail circles from media, political class and even within BJP circles are against Narendra Modi not because they are pro-Muslims but because Modi is rustic, rough, OBC and unlike St. Stephen graduates. So first circle of BJP lobbyists are trying to prevent him from becoming Prime-Minister and helping all those who are arguing against Modi. All this because Modi is neither blue blood nor belongs to affluent rich caste and class (I neither support Modi nor Rahul)
(Kindly See the screenshot of tweeter published below).


Though, here I named certain people from media this is nothing personal against them. Whoever wants to reach to the top behaves in same secret hypocritical manner in this country. Media always compares Arvind Kejriwal with Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi when it comes to Prime-Ministerial candidature. I ask, why not Mayawati in Kejriwal’s place? She has proved her metal in politics and cannot be compared with Kejriwal. What is Kejriwal’s contribution towards Indian politics? There is no need to put him in to bracket for race of Prime-Ministership.

When we see story of Ajaypal Nagar’s book we should not forget social and political outlook of our society which is inherent. Kejriwal is not only a criminal conspirator in plagiarism but he and his gang wants to change constitution which is a product of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s visionary leadership.

Ajaypal Nagar’s book was actually ready in 2008. He wanted to share it with media and political leaders but nobody has respect for value of equity, equality and originality. Everybody has (with some exceptions) supported criminal conspiracy of Arvind Kejriwal for his book ‘SWARAJ’.  Kejriwal has bunch of spammers, media manipulators, web manipulators who can play with search engines and they have surpassed constitution through SMS polls with media’s whole hearted support! They can manipulate any virtual thing and media and politicians will tell us it is real!

In this world of cruel virtuality, Ajaypal Nagar’s book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ has been robbed by Arvind Kejriwal. My part in this plagiarism story is far from over but still I believe that as a society we would like to crush Ajaypal Nagar and see Arvind Kejriwal victorious.

This is the tragedy of India’s destiny.


Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419

-Important Note-

If by any chance you have missed the Part 1 & the Part 2 of this story kindly click the link mentioned below to read both the parts respectively to read the earlier parts of this story.

Part 1

Part 2

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Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal – Part 2

Intellectual Robbery (Plagiarism) by Arvind Kejriwal
(This book of Arvind Kejriwal is published by Harper Collins in joint venture with India Today Group)

PART 2 – Story of a Criminal Conspirator

 Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, now CM Delhi describe his book ‘SWARAJ’ as manifesto of his movement. I personally don’t understand what manifesto book ‘SWARAJ’ carries?  When sensible person refers to something as manifesto it should be related to a socio-political program (good or bad), discovered and invented by him even if it is empirical. Manifesto writing comes under socio-political sciences. Though socio-political science is empirical, manifesto should be an original discovery by an author. Here I would like to give an example. Communist Manifesto by Frederic Angels and Karl Marx, Das Kapitol by Karl Marx and Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. These are famous manifestos which we are aware of.

In ‘SWARAJ’ Arvind Kejriwal straightaway lifted 80% of the matter from Ajaypal Nagar’s book, ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ and 20 % matter is straightaway lifted stories which are available anywhere either on search engine or in other books. For e.g. Popatrao Pawar of Hirve Bazaar success story is already published and interviewed many a times. Another coincidence is Popatrao is follower of Anna Hazare. So is the story from Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. Another thing Wallmart story or example of Brazil or Switzerland is already available on search engines if you look for since last five years. The rest 80% of book ‘SWARAJ’ is direct copy from ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ by Ajaypal Nagar. When Ajaypal Nagar came across the book ‘SWARAJ’ he reacted for justice; helplessly and angrily but no cognizance was taken of his matter till this date.

Here I would like to attach Ajaypal Nagar’s letter addressed to top police officer for justice where he clearly mentioned what has exactly happened to his book (Kindly refer the letter attached below)


Mr. Arvind Kejriwl and Gang Kejriwal conspired against Ajaypal Nagar. They, very cunningly dismantled paragraphs, lines, content and re-structured in a way that one should not easily comprehend this deadliest case of plagiarism by Kejriwal. The basic difference between ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ and ‘SWARAJ’ is not content. They left a glaring evidence which is very important here. If you read both books, you will realise more than 80% content is the same but Ajaypal’s Nagar’s ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ is organically, integrated structured book whereas a book by Kejriwal ‘SWARAJ’ is information collection and distribution in piecemeal method. One has to go through both books to understand intellectual theft by Kejriwal thoroughly.

When you read ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ it’s really thought provoking, integrated effort by author but when you read ‘SWARAJ’ you realise that the content is copied from original book. Sorry to say in the process of copying its philosophy lost its life. Till this date nobody took the efforts to read both books and book Mr. Kejriwal for heinous intellectual theft like plagiarism.

Now I would like to share a table with you (Kindly refer the table attached below) which describes and illustrates crooked plagiarism in book ‘SWARAJ’.


You take both books (Hindi) and tally them referring to the attached table. You will be shocked to find the matter copied and pasted as it is. Sometimes even typo errors of original book has appeared as it is in ‘SWARAJ’.

I would like to attach few examples of content to show the intelligent plagiarism of Kejriwal and his Gang.





Ajaypal Nagar, a small town teacher, government servant has his own limitations but still he approached some small Hindi newspapers. They covered the news and asked Kejriwal his reaction. ‘Democratic’ Kejriwal ignored and didn’t bother to react.

The only reaction available is of Manish Sisodiya which strongly supports that the book ‘SWARAJ’ does not belong to Arvind Kejriwal (Kindly refer the news paper cutting from Navbharat Times, Noida, attached below for Manish Sisodiya’s reaction).

News published in Navbharat Times, Noida.

News published in Navbharat Times, Noida.

Why should Arvind Kejriwal be bothered by small print houses when mega newspapers, mega electronic media houses both English and Hindi, media persons (not all) are licking his boots and taking one to one interview thrice a day which is unprecedented for intellectual bankrupt person like him. 

Kindly Note the status of this note at bottom...It clearly mentions that this is a sponsored content .

Kindly Note the status of this note at bottom…It clearly mentions that this is a sponsored content .

Even Anna Hazare was helpless in front of Kejariwal which is evident in Ajaypal Nagar’s case.

Letter of Ajaypal Nagar to Shri Anna Hazare complaining about the whole issue & seeking justice.

Letter of Ajaypal Nagar to Shri Anna Hazare complaining about the whole issue & seeking justice.

Reply from Annaji's office to Mr Ajaypal Nagar by email

Reply from Annaji’s office to Mr Ajaypal Nagar by email

Reply from Annaji's office to Mr Ajaypal Nagar by postcard

Reply from Annaji’s office to Mr Ajaypal Nagar by postcard

Second reminding Letter of Mr. Ajaypal Nagar to Shri Anna Hazare seeking justice.

Second reminding Letter of Mr. Ajaypal Nagar to Shri Anna Hazare seeking justice.

On the other hand, Congress high command and Congress first circle is extending 100% support to Mr. Kejariwal like anything and even made him CM, New-Delhi.

Here, Ajaypal Nagar as a last resort wrote a letter to President of India where he mentioned the ongoing case of Plagiarism by Kejriwal and attached copies of books. He also attached endorsement by Sahitya Akademi that his book ‘BHARTIYA RAJ VYAVASTHA’ was published long before “SWARAJ’ was published.

RPAD Receipt of Sahitya Academy

RPAD Receipt of Sahitya Academy

In the letter written to the President Ajaypal Nagar states that a case has been filed against Kejriwal for Plagiarism which is highest intellectual crime and thus Arvind Kejriwal cannot be made Chief-Minister. Nagar also attached an acknowledgement copy from Kejriwal that he was in receipt of the book long before ‘SWARAJ’ came in market. Not only that but Ajaypal presented plagiarised content of his book before the President and requested Mr. President in his letter to prevent Mr. Kejriwal from becoming CM of Indian capital because Mr. Kejriwal is first-rate intellectual criminal ((Kindly refer the letter to Hon. President attached below).


He urged President to save Delhi and the nation from this criminal – conspirator but it was in vain.

Arvind Kejriwal wore a cap with tag line ‘Humhe SWARAJ’ chahiye’ and took oath on Ramlila ground as CM Delhi. On that day all fools of Delhi and India were joyous about his rise with Gandhi cap and ‘SWARAJ’ written on it.

When Kejriwal was taking an oath in Ramlila Maidan before one lac people, in Bambavad, Daadri, Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) Ajaypal Nagar cried, cried and cried because he was up till now disillusioned that President of India will stop a criminal-conspirator from becoming a CM of Delhi.

The highest power house of country 10 Janpath is supporting Kejriwal then what would District court do! He lost all hopes like any common man, aam aadmi of India. All opposition parties including Congress, BJP, CPM, CPI all hand in gloves with Gang Kejriwal because they are supported by International Funding agencies, big Indian Corporates and NRI’s. Donations are flowing like anything and Ajaypal Nagar’s originality flows in the flow of untruth.


Gang Kejariwal....

Gang Kejariwal….

RPAD Receipt of Letter of Ajaypal Nagar to Arvind Kejariwal

RPAD Receipt of Letter of Ajaypal Nagar to Arvind Kejariwal


Raju Parulekar
(M) 9820124419

-Important Note-
If by any chance you have missed the Part 1 of this story kindly click the link mentioned below to read the part 1 to read the earlier part of this story.


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